Irreconcilable Differences: The ‘Entitlement’ State vs. Liberty

I was reading a good story about public opinion and our trust for the federal government.  This is worth the read:

Surprise Study: Majority of U.S. Public Distrusts Fed Gov’t, Claims It’s a Threat to Personal Freedom

But what caught my attention and what I found truly alarming about this story was this:

Much of this change is partisan in nature. Take, for instance, the differences in trending data between Republicans and Democrats. Pew reports:

The growing view that the federal government threatens personal rights and freedoms has been led by conservative Republicans. Currently 76% of conservative Republicans say that the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms and 54% describe the government as a “major” threat. Three years ago, 62% of conservative Republicans said the government was a threat to their freedom; 47% said it was a major threat.

By comparison, there has been little change in opinions among Democrats; 38% say the government poses a threat to personal rights and freedoms and just 16% view it as a major threat.

This alarmed me because I was thinking about the difference between this current and the last issue that divided us this badly: slavery.  At its foundation, the issue of slavery was about economics.  The issue of distrust toward the government is something different, but it is still connected to economics.  In short, general terms, the Left is seeking to live off the labor of the Right by using the government to redistribute the Right’s wealth.  Now, whereas the divide over slavery was plain for all to see and the moral component provided a path toward reconciliation, this current divide is still about slavery, only the Left doesn’t see it and that removes any path we may have had by which we could reconcile the two sides.

In other words, when the divide is not over the morality of slavery but over whether or not people have a “right” to live off the labor of others via government entitlement, we have reached a divide that cannot be crossed.  One side must destroy the other.  There is no way to bring such diametrically opposed ideologies together.  And that realization causes me great concern for the future of our nation.

4 thoughts on “Irreconcilable Differences: The ‘Entitlement’ State vs. Liberty

  1. Maybe the koolaid is wearing off.

    Playing devil’s advocate again —

    Some would say that forcing people to work in jobs that don’t pay very well and don’t allow the worker a say in the company is a form of slavery. They call it wage-slavery. They don’t buy that the wealthy are enslaved by having to support the poor, but they feel the wealthy enslave the poor by employing them.

    • Aurora,

      The difference is, the wealthy have no choice: they are being exploited by the vote of the masses (which negates the notion of a republic). While the worker can “contract” for more money, with another employer, both or even start their own business. In other words, one has the freedom to leave, the other only has the freedom to quit working or be exploited.

      How’s that for meeting the Devil’s challenge? 🙂

      • I’m buying it in its purest form. Unfortunately, the socialists have a point about today’s world. Government, through regulation, skews the economy toward existing large businesses and corporations, preventing competition from entering most markets. So while it is true that people have the theoretical freedom to attempt to break out of their current circumstances, the barriers are so high that they rarely can actually manage it.

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