Obama Said “If It Will Save One Life” – SO GIVE EVERYONE A GUN!

Since the gun control grab started after the Sandy Hook shootings, the tyrants have taunted the liberty lovers with challenges such as “Name one mass shooting that has been stopped by a private citizen with a gun.” They followed this up with a black-out on any and all stories about armed, private citizens ending deadly situations by confronting the shooter. Well, this is just one of many stories that illustrates why there are no mass shootings stopped by armed, private citizens – because armed, private citizens stop things BEFORE the shooter can kill more than 1 or 2 people!

Armed Guard Stops School Shooter After He Opened Fire at Atlanta Middle School

So, let’s agree with Obama (for a change). If it will save just one life, we should do it. And that means, EVERY RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN SHOULD CARY A GUN!

Coincidentally, in the time of our founders, government used to provide weapons to adult male citizens who couldn’t afford their own. Hmmm, we may have “progressed” past the time of our founders, but we damned well haven’t “progressed” past their wisdom – have we? 😉

[Note: The fact that this story and others like it are not plastered across the media with editorials comparing the truth to the propaganda being put out by the gun-grabbers is a prime example of bias in the media. In fact, the media bias is clearly in the opposite direction: toward gun-grabbing — and this sort of bias is called State-sponsored propaganda — period. And propaganda is generally associated with tyrannical government — and for good reason. In this case, the government-media colusion is a clear example of subversion, and that’s by Wilson’s own definition, and laws.  Our government is at war with us. It is our enemy. We need to start treating it that way.]

2 thoughts on “Obama Said “If It Will Save One Life” – SO GIVE EVERYONE A GUN!

  1. Why do we hardly ever hear about armed citizens stopping crimes? Simply because crimes, especially the ones like Sandy Hook, are not committed every five minutes. Think about it. When have you ever been present when a crime was being committed, much less a crime that would allow you to deadly force to prevent? The chances of a responsible, gun-carrying citizen being present at these unexpected events are very slight. Hell, as many armed police/LEOs as there are on the streets, they never seem to be around when a crime is actually being committed.
    Crimes that are committed with regularity are committed in “crime-infested” areas, ie by rival gangs, or on the spur of the moment, like the doctor that was killed in CA last week. What is the chance of an armed citizen being present at one of these crime scenes? Slim to none.
    I agree that in this present political climate, if an armed citizen did prevent a crime, like the one referenced above, it would not likely be promoted as a positive thing by the liberal media, or even mentioned. It does not fit their agenda. You rarely hear that crime rates overall have been in declining for years.

    • This would seem to a Perfect Topic to Collect for a Blog site … or a Subsection of Beck’s Blaze….or perhaps at Breitbart…Reports do exist,there are reports like the one above….I gave two for the Klackamus shooting etc…

      If a site were set up Readers could add to the Link list on their own…..bet it would add up QUICK !!

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