10 thoughts on “Utah In Print

  1. Notice how they are trying to address “titles” (ie. “isms”)?

    Yeah, we are about to see the liberals recast their title soon enough.

  2. I went over there and commented, sweet M. I very much enjoyed your article. I suppose I shall have to drag Augger’s tail over there as I used his term. (I can assure you that no one will have any knowlege of the FSA; didn’t then; don’t now…….ding-ding! Got to the crux in one sentence! I get the prize, baby!)

    You will say goodbye to us, will you not? Now a song has popped into my mind…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgN6_aDkoCc

    M., you mustn’t leave me with B. and these silly boys! They are especially cruel for crying out loud! Would you believe they all have refused to e-mail me their nudie pics? How am I to put my RNL calendar together now?

    • And here I thought I was being respectful by not including any images so as not to start wide spread panic from the Greenpeace crowd…trying to place me back in the Gulf and constantly drenching me with water.

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