Bill Whittle Explains Why the Left Really IS Marxist, Hypocritical and Suffering from Mental Illness

The following video is not only dead on target, it’s easy to understand, as well.  So, just grab something to drink, click the play button and sit back and watch this 10 minute clip.

7 thoughts on “Bill Whittle Explains Why the Left Really IS Marxist, Hypocritical and Suffering from Mental Illness

  1. Wow….this Guy is pretty phenominal….Bill Whittle standing court in front of the “Fraud-formerly-known-as BillMahr”…….What’s not to love…!

    To know the Frankfurt School is to Detest it …. It is amazing, anyone who I’ve ever encountered who even knew of this School hated it’s “Fruit”…….Walter Benjamin’s theory of Art However,does have some important things to say about art positioned as being cuturally authentic, which the Conservative side could benefit from. And Critical theory is actually a term used to describe a Marxist Social theory as well as a Literary Criticism which leads to the French school of philosophers, if memory serves me from the likes of Saussure on up to Lacan, Barthes and Derrida ( Structuralism ) ….and of course the “Ganz auf der Nase” Freudian slippage ( Don’t tell Kells about this one.) This line of inquiry was predominantly linked to Textual analysis….deconstruction and such. The other social theory and the Likes of Adorno, Habermas on up through Herbert Marcuse at Univ ofSanDiego ( prior on the East Coast) and Angela Davis et al lead to the steamroller of Marxist philosophy in our University Humanities departments. Gramsci’s theory falls out of the Frankfurt Social school…….and it is His theory, which details the long-term plan to undermine Western Civ from within, that the American Communists put to fruition under the likes of Alinski up through Ayers and Cloward and Piven.

    One must look at the “New School for Social Research ” in NY in this context as well.

    BUUUT ………… Essentailly Whittle is absolutely correct …. Hollywood Dupes and John Kerry like Monied Progressive social DE-constructors have been used by this Marxist School to bring down the West from within… exactly the methods Bill decsribes…. Well worth the watch….an important video I would say.

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