KFC Commercial Leads to Cultural Revelation

If you’re not old enough to remember the 70’s, then it’s unlikely you’ll understand how profound the following observation about the state of our society actually is.

I was watching TV tonight when I saw the new KFC chicken pot pie commercial with the two 70’s rejects in the old Dodge charger and it suddenly occurred to me: I miss the 70’s.  I never thought I would ever say that – not in a million years.  But it’s true.  As messed up as they were, compared to our society today, the 70’s were a virtual societal nirvana.

If you remember the 70’s, do you disagree with me?  And if you don’t, how many of you understand just how sad a commentary on our modern society this revelation actually is?  Just in case some of you need a reminder of what the 70’s were like, remember, this was a MAN’s shoe – and people actually wore them in public:


20 thoughts on “KFC Commercial Leads to Cultural Revelation

  1. JOE !! …. I wore a Short-sleeve Green Leisure suit to go Clubbing ….!

    The really pathetic thing is that IT WORKED !! …. Now for a confession … I’m thinking I need those shoes you showed …. I won’t be complete without them.

    That’s either too much Scotch speaking or not enough.

      • HAHAHA this is an OMG moment Huh…..Mine was Lime-Green noless.

        I’m such a loser LOL…but it did the trick.

          • You know I think in retrospect ( which is what all thinking is I guess reflections on different levels of the past including our own narratives, however we construct them )….but upon reflection the 70’s seemed an innocent respite from the turmoil of the 60’s…..even with Watergate. I was very young in the sixties so only remember them in truncated Clips…..but nevertheless the 70’s had a mix of Societal malaise along with Cultural corny-ness that blended to a certain calmness.

            Many of the political horrors started in the 70’s, for example the EPA etc….. but the comparative Cultural Rot we have today it far worse. One got the feeling that the Basics of America stood for wrt Freedoms and rule of Law were agreed to by most on all sides of the Political spectrum . I remember conversations with folks on the East Coast to Nevada from Southern Clif to the Bay Area and there was common ground even with disagreement on issues.

            Today there is such extreme polarization mixed with a complete lack of Knowledge about even the Basics of our Consitutional heritage…… and compared to today’s offerings ….Richard Simmons seems quaint .

        • Don! I had a lime green pantsuit with elephant leg bell bottoms. Tres chic, especially in my seventh grade class.

  2. No leisure suits for me, but disco dancing in four inch heels.

    And, yeah, the times were different. There was a recession on, food prices were high, fuel prices were high, but we kids were not as spoiled as the kids are today. And there was a whole lot less to buy. I remember my step-father brought home the first Pong game and that same winter we got cable TV. Understand, Alaska was still getting its network news a day later and the entertainment programs were 3-4 weeks delayed. So for us, to move into media that was actually that day was really cool.

    I think the political difference then to now can be explained by knowledge. Back then, people were arguing about methods to achieve liberty and justice for all. They weren’t arguing about principles. If the hippy generation hadn’t already gotten the message by the time I was in high school, there were folks like my parents who had had to memorize the Constitution and stand for a test of it just to graduate high school and they had no problem refuting whatever crap argument my older brother came up with.

    Today, if one of my daughter’s friends starts spewing about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being superior to the Constitution, I’m just about the only one who can refute that and then I get told — well, you must not really understand what those words mean. Fortunately, not by my daughter who I forced to read the Constitution while she was still a minor ….

    Oops, I think I might have confessed to child abuse under some state laws.

  3. I miss the 70’s music. Listen to it sometime and see if you don’t notice that every song is uplifting. (OK that’s a generalization, but most of them were.) Songs were about having a good time, love, dancing, or just getting down. Compare that to what is called music (I refuse to call it that) and see the difference. Today’s “music” is about everything except fun, goodness, and love.

  4. I WAS a hippie in the ’70s. And I adore that ad. I’ll watch it a few times over when it’s on (TiVo) Now I can find it on You Tube, Yay!! I just “GOT” it, too. Maybe I’m behind everyone, but they are ordering “Chicken POT pie!!” hahaha! And for whom ever wrote (above) that the two dudes are “rejects” from the ’70s, no they are not!! And as far as comparing the ’70s to now—it is SO different. There are so many influences that make the ’70s different from what things are like now, I don’t know how anyone can do it and feel that they understand. If I started writing about it here, It’d take me a couple of hours. And I”d probably be just getting started. I’m almost 72 now, and still a hippie at heart, I guess!

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