The History of German — er, American Eugenics and its Ties to Progressivism

This story:

America’s Disturbing History of Eugenics — the Details You May Find Difficult

Goes hand-in-hand with my post:

The American Left – STILL trying to Kill Off “Undesirables” (i.e. Minorities, Mentally Handicapped and, now, Conservatives)

You really should watch the Blaze piece.  I knew about this issue before Beck got on to it, but I still learned something from the Blaze TV show of Feb 4, 2013.

This is important, friends.  We’re traveling the same path Germany traveled in the 1930’s, and we’re being led down it by the heirs of the same people/ideology that drove America and Germany during those dark years.

5 thoughts on “The History of German — er, American Eugenics and its Ties to Progressivism

    • Kells,

      We will never change the direction of the nation unless and until we start changing the hearts and minds of Americans — and that is NOT done by the ballot. It is done by dragging Left-leaning people to places like the RNL where we can actually hold a conversation with them, challenge them and inform them in the hope that they will eventually see where, how and why they are wrong.

      Anything less than this or a third Great Revival and we’re toast.

      • WE have to STOP talking in Black and White terms….My team vs Your Team….

        It gets no-one antwhere, never has. ….Fact is you are BOTH right.

        Kells is correct !!……if we ( As Conservatives / “Classical Liberals” ) turn our backs on the Political process out of frustration with people like Boehner and now Rubio….out of disgust with the Media and Press, then there VERY SOON will be no RNL to direct anybody to…there will be no talk radio. People with ideas like ours will be Deemed a “Threat to America” and Droned…………..2014 is Crucial !!

        And Joe is Correct …. without a fundamental change in the population of Socialist Obama supporters … we will not have a lasting change , nor a change BACK towards the American Constitutional Republic.

        But Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea…..and Even Europe are examples of a Political change to Socialism that have NEVER come back … they are not given the Information to do so in the case of Venezuela, Cuba and N Korea …. and in a situation mirroring America’s in Education…Europe has a Population of Brainwashed, low ambition people spoon-fed Liberal hatespeech and propaganda……..No great awakening will ever take place there, because of controls of info…….the same awaits us if we turn our backs on the Political system.

        BOTH Politics (2014 Midterms)…..and Education are needed….THIS was the lesson of the 2012 elections…..thus Nullification and States rights are important Political goals to educate on and be active in….as well as Continuing to elect LOCAL Tea Party Candidates as in 2010 !!!

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