More Progressive Word Games Designed to Shape and Control Public Opinion

Here’s the goal:

ICE Union Boss Blasts Obama Admin. for Making U.S. Immigration Law ‘Essentially’ Unenforceable

Here’s how we get there:

Rep. John Conyers: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Not Illegal,’ They Are Just ‘Out of Status’

The goal is to make illegal aliens into legal citizens for the sole purpose of adding to the Left’s power base by increasing their voting roles.  The thinking is easy, though fatally short-sighted.  If they make all these aliens legal and give them welfare and other hand-outs stolen from the ever diminishing working class, they can assure victory for the foreseeable future.  The people trying to do this tell themselves that, after they assure their power, then they will “fix” the problems they created in the process, but the problem with this stupid way of thinking is they find they can’t fix the problems.  History has shown this to be true.  It will be true in the future.  It has to be: they are trying to force the world to function in opposition of natural law and, every time man tries to do this, natural law asserts itself and man suffers what we see as a catastrophe (i.e. war, depression, famine, etc).  The proof of my assertion is found in the fact that man never realizes this.  Think about it: if we were actually as smart as we tell ourselves we are, then how is it we can never see far enough in advance to prevent these “catastrophes?”  So why should we think the people trying to legalize illegal aliens for political gain are smart enough to see and avert the economic collapse that will follow?

But there is a bright side to this – at least, there would be if the Left weren’t so hypocritically insane.  If the Left were rational, we could resolve the gun issue thusly:


6 thoughts on “More Progressive Word Games Designed to Shape and Control Public Opinion

  1. Joe, all you have to do is look at CA if you want to see an out of control illegal alien problem. They cant fix it here, so how will they fix it nationwide?

  2. They aren’t worried about control at all at this point. They realize that they will add 7 “D” voters (mostly uninformed) for every 3 “R” voters. The control will come once they have a completely unbeatable electorate by raising taxes, raising taxes, and raising taxes on the wealthy.

  3. The country can’t afford to take on everyone here illegally, the well is dry. Our fiscal problems are very serious at this point.

    CA is on the edge of solvency and my neighbors are congratulating themselves on the plastic bag ban. Sometimes I wonder if they’re not slipping LSD into our water, it’s just insane!

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