Official: Obama Declares Himself Dictator

You may not like the title of this post, but it is exactly what Obama has claimed when he claimed the authority to assassinate American citizens simply because he “suspects” them of being linked to Al-Qaeda.  Only a dictator has the power to kill his subjects without due process.  Only in a dictatorship do people have no rights, no access to due process.  Therefore, when Obama – through his DOJ – claimed the power to kill Americans on a whim, he declared himself to be a dictator.

Here is a story that illustrates my point:

American drone deaths highlight controversy

But the most controversial drone strike took place on Oct. 14, 2011, when 16-year-old Abdulrahman was killed by U.S. forces.

Family of the Denver-born teenager say he had no ties to terrorist organizations and was unjustly targeted because of his father.  

Now, I don’t know whether this child had connections to terrorists or not, but that’s the point!  Our constitution guaranteed a right to trial to establish guilt or innocence before we have our rights and liberties taken from us by society.  Our founders wrote this into our constitution specifically to prevent Obama from doing exactly what he is doing.  The constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Therefore, to do what he did, Obama had to violate the constitution, which means he violated the law, and the only way one can do that is if they declare or assume dictatorial powers.

Ergo, Obama has declared himself dictator.  If you don’t like that, too bad!  It’s still true.  The question now, whether you agree or not, is what do we do about this?

But wait, there’s one more thing to consider.  If we accept everything Obama has asserted as justification for assassinating Americans, then we need to face the fact that Obama — himself — has met that criteria.  He has ordered the direct military aid to “associated forces” of Al-Qaeda, both when he helped the Libyan rebels and now in connection to the Benghazi-Syria gun-running operations.  So why are we protecting a man who — by his own argument s– should be the object of some special attention from a  U.S. drone?  Mind you, I am NOT calling for harm to Obama, only pointing out that he is guilty of the same, exact activities he is assassinating Americans for based on his “suspicions.”  That kind of hypocrisy is synonymous with dictatorship.


[Note: if you are one who thinks Obama’s actions are justified by the fact that we are at war with Al-Qaeda, STOP!  You are wrong.  1 — we never declared war.  2 — Obama said it’s not war, it’s a “kinetic military action.”  Since Progressives like word games, this undermines any claim to war he may make.  3 — Obama told us the “war” with Al-Qaeda is over because he had “decimated” Al-Qaeda.  No, there is no justification for Obama assuming dictatorial powers.  But it is an example of what happens when you allow your language to be destroyed for the purposes of manipulating public opinion.]

41 thoughts on “Official: Obama Declares Himself Dictator

  1. “You may not like the title of this post” <—- stop being a damn apologist! You are dead nuts on target with your post. No need to open it up weak. 🙂

    But yeah, 4th Amendment anyone?


    Yeah you crazy-insane liberals. Tell us how you feel about your own liberals getting targeted by Prince Charming's drones? What about that?

  2. While I am SICK of the Left constantly and incessantly blaming G. W. B. – it WAS Bush’s fault this is all happening!

    As a father, if I do not constantly regulate and restrain my son from certain things then I am failing as a father. I use this analogy purposefully because the Left I believe live their lives in a ‘child like’ state. Most have never really gained discipline growing up and today we see their acts as adult children.

    Follow me here; points in brackets.

    If I allow my son to surf the Web unrestrained he will find everything and anything. [The open door]
    If I allow this to continue it becomes acceptable. [The new norm]
    If then try to apply restriction I get resistance. [The defiance stage]

    We allowed Bush to open the door on limiting our civil rights with the Patriot Act. [Obama’s open door]
    We then did NOTHING! [The new norm]
    We now say STOP and its too late, the acts are already committed and what do we get? [DEFIANCE]

    These people are children but the moderate right are STUPID neglectful parents driven by self inflicted guilt and delusional good intention, Thus the supreme law, The Constitution (or discipline), is erased and the tyrant child shoots up a school or drops bombs on civilians.

    • Poli,

      I think you R correct about Bush and the Patriot Act…..Blaming GW as the left does is its OWN issue … A tired old excuse and more but let’s not attack that one here.

      BUT … the Right, the Conservatives and the “Classical Liberals” could certainlt do themselves a favor by just calling a Spade a Spade……and the Patriot Act is that Spade……..It is nothing short of Facism……and Bush pushed it !!!! We have to accknowledge that fact. Obama is just carying it Forward at an accelerated clip.

      The Patriot Act was introduced so fast and had the appearance of being pulled out of a drawer already Re-written and waiting……JUST LIKE ObamaCare was!

      Joe and Utah have done an excellent job of high-lighting the Progressive agenda from the late 1890’s going forward by Progressives in both the Republican and Democrat partys … and so has Augger about the more modern face of this scourge. The Patriot Act was part and parcel of this very Progressivist agenda….and from it came the Dept of Homeland security and the TSA.

  3. Poli,

    While you are sitting around blaming Bush for all of Obama’s latest initiatives (granted, I don’t think Obama can think for himself, but that’s another story), I would like to turn your attention to history for a moment.

    Let’s play “Name That Crazy (censored) Liberal President”

    This president was widely criticized by many for such initiatives as the Court-packing incident of 1937, economic polices which shifted the tone of America from individualism to collectivism, a dramatic expansion of welfare, and end-around Congress supplying military equipment to countries fighting a war … after Congress voted to remain neutral, the entrapment of mass American-Japanese into detention camps (retitled: “Internment Camps”), and a overt racial divide amongst Black Americans serving in the US Military.

    Sound familiar? Check your answer below …

    Ans: Franklin D. Roosevelt

    So really Poli, who’s playbook is Prince Charming of today playing from?

    • FDR… yes yes yes… look. We can go back further to Lincoln to make my point but again, we’re talking the difference btwn Adults and Children. After Lincoln suspended HC he restored it. That is true statesmanship and leadership for a cause OUTSIDE themselves.

    • AND… AND… how about Wilson? Again, the ONLY president since Wilson (Obama) that has violated as many factors of the presidency; laws, ethics, et al

    • Augger,

      Have you seen M. Stanton Evan’s new book on FDR ?…”Stalin’s Secret Agents: the Subversion of Roosevelt’s Goverment”.

      It is co-authored by one of the authors who exposed the Venona Soviet spy files in 1995 “The Venona Files” !!

      Communism was RIFE within the FDR regime.

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