How is Gun Control Related to Stopping Computer Viruses?

I have the solution to computer viruses. Since computers get viruses from malicious people who intentionally go out of their way to infect other peoples’ computers, we should ban ALL computers. That’s right: BAN COMPUTERS! You see, if no one has a computer, then there won’t be any more computer viruses. What’s more, anyone against this “reasonable” solution is obviously a “virus-lover,” which means they are mentally unbalanced. After all, who could possibly love viruses given how much damage they do to our economy?

See how easy that was? And to think, you probably started out thinking there couldn’t possibly be a link between gun control and stopping computer viruses. 😉


Oh, yeah, almost forgot:

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17 thoughts on “How is Gun Control Related to Stopping Computer Viruses?

    • Mikey,

      If you think people haven’t died from cyber-attacks, you’re going to find yourself in over your head on this forum.

      Not only HAVE they died because of it, they have died in greater numbers than any mass shooting. But then, you’ll dismiss that because those death were tangential. But the fact remains, had those cyber attacks NOT happened, the majority of related deaths would never have occurred.

      (BTW: your snide little comment is fallacious. My point still stands.)

    • He was just illustrating, metaphorically, that bad things don’t happen because of an inanimate object, but because of the person in control of said inanimate obeject. At least; I think that’s what he was trying to say, but B. and I never seem to see eye to eye……

    • Thanks for UR comment Mikey …

      Might I suggest a change of Handle name to … “insidious Mikey”…. as your venom is anything but invisible.

    • Mike, how about we ban cars then! WAY more people die in car accidents than in all gun-related incidents combined! Why do we need cars? You can get where you need to go with public transit. And, if it saves even one life, then banning cars is a good thing.


  1. And since thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers every year we need to make all vehicles illegal. Since it must be the autos that are at fault and not the drunks or the alcohol.

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