Progressivism Pictorially Explained

This says all you need to know to understand the Progressive idea of “progress:”


10 thoughts on “Progressivism Pictorially Explained

  1. 1861 – First Federal personal income tax (a war time tax to help pay for the Civil War).
    1894 – First Federal peacetime personal income tax (imposed by the Democrats in Congress) as initially advocated by the Socialist Labor Party in 1887.
    1913 – The Sixteenth Amendment (passed by a Republican Congress, and ratified by all the states of the time except Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Utah. Florida and Pennsylvania refused to even consider the Sixteenth Amendment).

    Gotta love those progressives. 🙂

    • The Federal Reserve Act was passed Just before Christmas in 1913 also !!!

      Thus *The Income Tax* and the *Federal Reserve* were passed together and two Complimentary pillars of Progressivist Control were established. And American finances have deteriorated esp wrt inflation on one hand and wealth /property confiscation ever since.

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