OK, enough is enough.  When will the Republicans file articles of impeachment?  We have everything we need to file and convict and it was provided in public testimony yesterday.  These stories represent clear incompetence – an impeachable offense:

Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi...

Hillary AWOL...

GENERAL: 'We Never Received Request for Support'...

What these stories tell us is that either:

A – The entire Obama Administration is incompetent or

B – The Obama Administration is lying to the American public to cover up something they do not want made public.

Either case is impeachable, and yet, nothing is being done.

So, if you are still on the Republican band wagon, you go ahead and keep on supporting the Democrats and the Obama Administration.  I’ll stand with the few real Americans left demanding the removal of this man BASED ON THE RULE OF LAW AND U.S. CONSTITUTION!

29 thoughts on “IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

  1. Kellsbells you are exactly right. I’m convinced that if there was actual footage of Obama going down on a secret service man in the back of his limo while doing a line of cocaine and shooting a homeless person out the passenger window, that the MSM and 51% of the idiots in this country would just shrug and ask who won American Idol last night. We’re sunk.

    • I felt that way about Clintons too…..and lo and Behold…Hillary is involved and responsible for this attack and butchering of our Ambassador and staff……and she says effectivly….” So what …who cares !! “…in front of Congress…

      And Part of the country ( the 26% who voted Obama , and the Press / Hollywood …and College Kids ) ….just ignore it.

      • Don,

        Ah, it’s more than just that part. Do you see any Republicans beating the impeachment drums? NOPE! In fact, Rush was telling people that impeachment “ain’t gonna happen” and doing it in a way that seems to approve of NOT doing it. So the R’s are as guilty as the D’s.

        • Right …. But Rush is saying that because of your last sentence…..his own frustration with the GOP leadership, which he’s broadcasted for a long time.

          • Don,

            And yet, he stays with the idea that we can “fix” that problem…

            It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Even Hillary understands that much, so why doesn’t Rush?

  2. Rush also said that he is confident that OWEbozo played the ” I wasn’t in on this” card to help hide the gun running that he is sponsoring to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. Of all the awful, disgusting, treasonous things Obama does, the one that makes me most angry is the way he treats our military. The Republicans aren’t going to do anything.

  4. I agree. The chicken-shit Republicans will never file an article of impeachment. Never. Why? They know they cannot get the Democratic controlled senate to sign off on it, and they will not stand up for what’s right and file it anyway for fear of political suicide.

    I’m ready for leadership with a big pair. What about you folks?

    • I am ready also.
      I think the GOP politicians are never going to file impeachment charges because they are afriad that they will have the same filed against them if they do so. I think that is why politicians from both sides get away with the crap that they always seem to be able to escape from.

    • Augger,

      the thing is, even if they fail in the Senate, they will show real character by standing for real principles. They will show courage, which shows leadership. they will lead the way — even in failure. And that would shine the spotlight on the real problem — the Left.

      But they won’t do this because — in the end — it works against their best interests as well. Anything that hurts the Left hurts them too, and that’s the dirty little secret.

    • We all know this PoliTecs…….

      But the essence of Joe’s Post is the “THEY”… versus… “US “.

      Somewhere ….some how….”We the People” will HAVE to rise up and take back the responsibility for governing this Country…..I think it will take massive Physical protests and Marches like the TP rallies on the DC Mall…..but many of them, coordinated and simultaneously in many states…..a Concerted, Coordinated Effort….that is focused and Sustained.

      This is why the Tea Party needs to become a Party and needs to evolve Inter-State as well as Intra-State….JMHO.

      • I really feel that the reason we didn’t at least pull out an amazingly close win on Nov. 6th is because the TP wasn’t nearly as visable and vocal as they were in 2010. If they re-appear before 2014, I think we can “hope for some real change” in DC.

      • Yes… But I am Tea Partier, I am on the board of one and an assistant to another locally. Everything you are saying is already happening. But the protest days are over. Its pure grass roots now. Its total infiltration in the local and the current conservative governorship holding is a direct result of that. Get involved! This will continue for the next several elections, the progressive model, until we have a majority again. What could speed this up and catapult this is a true outsider presidential nominee for 2016 – a solid unapologetic Conservative whom can express real hope solutions because by then EVERYONE will be hurting and will have abandoned false hope and change. Aka they will be thinking for the first time in a generation.

        The ball is already rolling… We just need everyone localy to help roll it. For starters – STOP DONATING MONEY TO PPL LIKE ROVE AND ORGS LIKE THE GOP. Send your support to the individual candidates. Join a Tea Party near you and do something. A little work spread across thousands =’s A LOT of work. Would you rather get a million dollars now or $0.1c from a thousand people for the rest of your life? 🙂

        • First you are to be commended on the Local efforts….. I am aware of the “Nullification” direction being taken by th TP. It is a correct one as is the Local saturation by conservative s This IS the way to go !

          However there is a Fatal Flaw in the totl approach …. by analogy….We ain’t gonna win the war by attacking at “Anzio” only. It will take coordinated efforts at “Normandy” and at “Anzio” and with the Frog-underground !

          Your artice above and the one below are puishing a constant negativity …. can’t be done….will not work….and etc.
          The Truth is By adopting the Plan you outline the TP appears to have been Defeated by the Vocal wing of the Left….in other words They have won the Media war … and the TP is attempting to fight them in a Stealth manor …. to this I would say …it ain’t gonna happen. We are also fighting to change perceptions. And that is NOT going to happen by being absent from the Public Arena. Marches and STRONG public exposure….STRONGER than even 2010 are needed… the same time as the Plan you are enacting.

          To those on the fence….to the Low-info voters, by being absent from the Public Arena you appear to have given the Field to the Ridicul of the Press … in other words THEY ( The Press ) won. I am not a member….but I would join Public Displays and Marches that showed Coordinated focused and long=term strategy….in a Heart-Beat.

          I have ALREADY since 2010 STOPPED giving $$$ to the Establishment GOP … all of our donations are to TP candidates and Proven Conservatives like King and Bachmann……..But I feel the Public Arena should NOT be abandoned … to do so only falls in the Lap of the Progressive-Liberals and the Karl Roves.

  5. he has no respect for the constitution and was put in office to bring america down he and chicago crooks are ruining our country

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