More Evidence that Government is a Failure — Let’s Get Rid of the FDA

OK, I assume that the average RNL reader pays attention to national and international news, so I am not going to provide a link to any of the many stories concerning the appearance of horse meat in the U.S., U.K. and other parts of Europe (besides, if you want to find the stories, I know that you know how to use Google 😉 ). So here’s my point:

If the FDA cannot find/prevent horse meat from entering our food system, or at least prevent it from being sold as beef or some other meat, then why do we need the FDA? Obviously they cannot do the job they were designed to do, so why pay to continue an obviously failed effort?

Now, there will be people who will claim that this is just one incident and that I am over-reacting, but these people will be wrong. If you’ll fire up the old memory banks, maybe you’ll remember that the FDA couldn’t catch/prevent the salmonella outbreaks associated with eggs and the other incident associated with peanut butter. And then there are the cases of the bad drugs that have been approved and tainted vaccines that have been allowed to get to market.

So this horse meat incident is not an “isolated incident,” it is just the latest evidence in a long string of evidence that proves the FDA is not doing the job we pay it to do. And if the FDA can’t do its job, shouldn’t we assume that a great many more government agencies are an equal waste of money? How about the Department of Education? We spend more money on education than just about any other country on earth, yet we’re something like 17th among developed nations. How is this not an unjustifiable return on our tax money and proof that the Department of Education has failed?

The point here is simple: government is nothing special. It is run by humans, therefore, it will make mistakes too. But, unlike private businesses, there are never any consequences when government makes mistakes — except for the tax payer. He/she is always told the government needs MORE money to keep from making the same mistakes again.

Which brings us to the USPS…


4 thoughts on “More Evidence that Government is a Failure — Let’s Get Rid of the FDA

  1. Whatever happened with that whole oyster boondoggle? Do you recall what I’m talking about? They wanted the oyster harvesters to buy this expensive machine which, um, sterlizes? the oyster in order that the oyster be more safe (or some such nonsense.)

  2. Reblogged this on USA ZORROZ PRESS ~ GOD BLESS THE WORLD and commented:
    FDA works with FAA and EPA genocide with one million deaths from FDA alone. Chemtrails GMO’s genocide likely half a billion deaths per year. Barium alone in Chemtrails destroys immune system and causes heart disease and failure, along with all other toxins in ChemTrails and GMO’s Fluoride too

  3. ” so why pay to continue an obviously failed effort?”
    You can replace FDA with Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Health, FEMA, …………This list has no end.

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