This nation is facing one of the most insidious of all possible public enemies.  It’s  insidious because so many of us have been taught to trust and respect this enemy and this enemy has knowingly used our trust and respect against us in its attempt to destroy our nation, economy and culture.  When you ask a “journalism” major why they chose that career, the number one answer is a derivative of “I want to change the world.”  This question should be asked of all applicants to journalism school, and if they give some derivative of this sentiment as their answer, they should be denied entry into that career field.  Journalism is about reporting a story, not shaping and directing public opinion/policy.  It is about telling free and self-governing people what is happening so they can make informed decisions.  It is not about “changing the world.”  That is supposed to be the role of our social and political leaders.  So it should come as no surprise that, after enough like-minded individuals gather in our media organizations, that the media ceases to be news and becomes nothing more than political propaganda.  It should be equally expected that, should the vast majority of these activists ever be of the same or similar political mindset, that the media would become their de facto gateway into the governing of society: and attempt to govern from outside the official organs of government by shaping and directing public opinion to their own political purposes.  If those purposes are ever directed against the Constitution, it becomes subversion.  If it is ever employed to protect a President who has committed treason, then it becomes treason.  And so it is that we find ourselves facing a treasonous media.

Now, I understand that many will object to my accusation, but I wonder how many of those who would object are aware that one of American journalism’s “heroes,” Walter Lippmann, once said:

“The public must be put in its place, so that it may exercise its own powers, but no less and perhaps even more, so that each of us may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd.”

In fact, if you will read Lippmann’s heralded book, The Phantom Public, you’ll quickly find that this ‘hero’ of journalism held the public in contempt and argued that the media should “think for it” because – according to Lippmann – the average man is an animal and, thus, incapable of knowing what is best for himself and for society.  In fact, Lippmann once told FDR that he may have no alternative but to declare dictatorial powers.”  And this man is still held up as a benchmark for American journalist students to this day.

Our founders told us that there are several keys to being able to maintain a free and self-governing society.  Primary among them is that we be a moral society: a society that believes in God and judgment day, for only such a society can govern itself by each individual governing themselves –not for fear of government – but for fear of God.  Another key is a free press that actively and vigorously looks into the character of our political leaders and actions of our government and then fully and fairly reports the facts back to the people.  It then falls on the citizens to use this information and their fear of God’s judgment to make wise decisions as to what is best for their community, County, State and Nation.  In fact, our founders said this cycle is the duty of every citizen in a free society, and without it, such a society cannot be preserved.  So what happens when the press starts to cooperate with the government and actively works to undermine the nation’s moral foundation? What do we call that?  I call it by its name:  subversion.  But when that same press becomes a knowing accomplice to treason, then doesn’t the press shares in the guilt: don’t they become traitors to the very nation that provided them the freedom to undermine our society and system of government? At that point, not only does the press deserve to be dismantled, but society actually has a duty to dismantle and re-set the media.  What’s more, this would not be a violation of the principles or ideals acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution.

You see, under natural rights and natural law, society has no duty to commit suicide.  Society is actually the product of individuals exercising their natural right to contract.  That means our constitution is nothing more than a contract that states the responsibilities of all parties within society toward the preservation of the ideals and principles stated in the Declaration.  So, if people want to change our world, they are legally and morally bound to go through the process provided for in the constitution.  However, when they go outside that process, they enter into a condition of war with society that we call subversion, and subversion is an attack against which society is not only duty bound to oppose, but morally obligated to oppose, as well.  This is how natural law and our form of government work.  Thus, our media, as it is operating today, are in a state of open war with our society and we have a moral duty to oppose them – to dismantle and replace them.

This is how we need to start viewing the media in this nation: as a public enemy actively waging war against our system of government, economy and culture – all the while hiding behind the protections of the very system they seek to destroy.  We should reject everything we see and hear from them, and pull back as much of our financial support for their advertisers as possible.  We should wage a counter-campaign by demanding our friends, family and business partners join us in withholding our business from anyone siding with or advertising with these organizations.  We should start demanding our politicians seek to dismantle these enemies by pulling their public broadcasting licenses.  While our system allows them to operate in the free market, it does not mandate that they should be afforded the public support that comes with the granting of a broadcasting license.  Therefore, as the media is clearly at war with the people of this nation, the people should demand that their representatives follow their constitutional duty and protect us from this enemy by pulling those licenses.  Finally, we should seek to oppose the agenda of those in the media everywhere and anywhere we find it and by any and all peaceful means possible.  A war is a war, but, if one side refuses to even recognize it, let alone to fight it, then the outcome is inevitable, as demonstrated by the following:

The Benghazi hearings this week entered into the public record all the evidence necessary to impeach the President based on grow incompetence throughout his entire Administration.  If this is not the case, then the hearings are clear evidence of a cover-up of – at the very least – an un-constitutional refusal to execute the laws of this land (if not a clear case of treason in the form of gun-running to Al-Qaeda).

Obama Was Absent During Benghazi Attack — Shocking Truths Emerge At Second Senate Libya Hearing

Rand Paul Makes It Clear: ‘I Really Think’ The Admin May Have Had a ‘Gun-Running Operation’ in Libya

This story is evidence of theanti-2nd Amendment, anti-constitution, anti-natural rights, anti-America political agenda in the media.  Whenever you see stories about mass shootings and the media is not trumpeting the shooter’s political affiliation to some “right-wing” group, you can be assured it is because they are trying to hide the fact that the shooter is actually a left-wing nut job (180 degree rule in action):

Why Did Some Local Media Edit Out Anti-NRA, Pro-Obama Portions of Accused Cop-Killer’s Supposed Manifsto?

Piers Morgan Fan Goes On Shooting Rampage, Killing Three…

Los Angeles gunman motivated by racism

NYT Ignores Leftist Website Connection to FRC Shooter, Yet Suggested Palin Map Inspired Jared Loughner to Kill

Report: Giffords’ Gunman Is ’Left Wing, Quite Liberal’

How many Obama Administration officials have been proven to be in violation of tax law, ethics regulations or some other law that would find the average American in jail?  Does the media demand their removal, or help defend them?

Democrat Congressman Charged With Child Sex Abuse

U.S. Congressman David Wu resigns over sex scandal

To be sure, sexual scandals hit both Parties, but when they happen to Republicans, the whole nation knows about it: you don’t have to look hard to find the “R” behind their name.  But IF you hear about a Democrat getting caught, you have to go hunt for the “D” in the story.  That’s because the media protects their own.

How often does the media tell you that the majority – not all, but the majority of voter fraud cases are connected to Leftist politics – especially where that fraud is systemic?

The Voter Fraud That ‘Never Happens’ Keeps Coming Back

Philly election official details examples of voter fraud

ACORN Voter Fraud Cases

Again, the media protects their own.

And the list goes on:

Do you know that the Obama Administration has clear ties to Islamic terrorism?  That they have allowed un-indicted terrorists into the White House?  Placed them in high level positions within our security and defense organizations?  That Obama has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that at least one former high-level Obama official left the Administration to join the Brotherhood in Egypt?  If you didn’t, that’s because the media was protecting their own again – Obama.

Do you know that the unemployment levels – if measured the way they were under Bush – are actually at depression levels?  Or that inflation is in double digits and rising fast?  If you didn’t, that’s because the media was protecting their own again – Obama.

Did you know that there ARE death panels, and that they were hidden in the stimulus bill?  Or that every aspect of your life is going to fall under the realm of healthcare?

Mold? Leaky Roof? Clutter? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have ‘Healthy Housing’

If you didn’t, that’s because the media was protecting their own again – Obama.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve – a private organization – is buying more U.S. debt than we have issued, and that they are literally doing it by writing worthless I.O.U.’s?

Treasury Scarcity to Grow as Fed Buys 90% of New Bonds

Do you understand that this will mean – at some point – that the fed will essentially BE our government by holding so much of our debt that we will have to do whatever they say or face having our entire economy collapsed by the fed dumping that debt for $0.01 on the dollar?

And I could go on, but if this isn’t enough to prove my case, I doubt anything ever will.

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