Troubling Times

Initially, I watched the recent bout of continuing hypocrisy issued forth by the Obama administration and his sycophants in the slavering media with casual annoyance. It really struck me as just a “more of the same” sort of issue – something we have been dealing with since The One started his re-enactment of Sherman’s march through Georgia…but lately, I’ve noticed a real shift in the seriousness of the behaviors of the progressives, the media and the Obama regime.

We have known for some time that Obama’s use of drones has far surpassed Bush’s utilization of that technology – he has even been called the Drone King here on this site by me and a few more, but what was different this time was the disclosure by NBC of a shocking document. This document was a legal opinion that indicated that the lawless Obama White House legal team and Holder’s corrupt Justice Department had decided that it was, in the words of Obama spokeshole Jay Carney, “legal…ethical…and wise” to kill Americans with drones if, in the view of one unnamed official, they were suspected (not convicted) of illegal activity against the US.

No trial, no evidence, no judge, no jury of your peers – just one government official.

This, from an administration that wanted to bring Kalid Sheik Mohammed to New York for a public trial and railed against waterboarding.

Foolishly, I thought that even only in the interest of seeming to have any intellectual honesty, there would be some strong words from people like Carl Levin who savaged Bush over “enhanced” interrogation and the Patriot Act – but there was only token pushback from the left. A few days hence and even that token opposition has evaporated and there is no discussion in the media.

The next disturbing event was the disclosure during the trial of Floyd Corkins, the guy who shot up an office of the Family Research Council, got the idea for them as a target by looking at the “hate group” list at the website of the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.

After trying like Hell to blame Sarah Palin and conservatives for Jared Loughner shooting Gabby Giffords, I really didn’t expect this to get any attention in the leftist media – and sure enough, this also disappeared down the memory hole.

Now, over the last couple of days, we have this guy, Chris Dornan, a former policeman in California that has killed three people, one a cop, shot two more cops and is running loose in the mountains out there. Dornan wrote a 21 page manifesto that was pro-Obama, Hillary, MSNBC, CNN, gay, praises Piers Morgan and is chock full of anti-gun comments. Curiously, the media ignored this to the point of redacting each and every one of these comments from the copies that they published and reported on.

As massive as the decibel level was against conservatives immediately after the Giffords shooting was, the silence on Dornan is deafening. After the Colorado movie theater shooting, conclusions that fit a certain narrative were drawn at the speed of light as NBC wrongly tagged the shooter as a Tea Party member, however, now the foot dragging around even the potential speculation that Dornan and Corkins were motivated by left-wing propaganda is the flavor of the month.

And yet there are lefties who praised Corkins and there are those who are hopping on Dorner’s bandwagon. Twitchy has some disturbing evidence of this sickening trend of people trying to turn this guy in to some kind of hero – I guess there are people out there who assume that simply because the guy is black, his gripes must be legit. Whitey was keeping him down…or something.

The disturbing thought that I had is that all of these things are linked. Obama believes that he has the right to decide, without due process, that an American suspected of crimes against America can be executed, the legal basis of this process does not define what constitutes these “acts against America and the left sees no problem with any of this. Obama’s supporters, like the disgusting Chris Rock and the arrogant Jamie Foxx, see Obama as an infallible father figure and a “savior”.

Looks like he will skate on Benghazi as well.

Democrats are selectively enforcing the law. David Gregory gets a pass for possession of a 30 round magazine that is illegal in D.C. even as Adam Meckler, an Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran is prosecuted. The Washington D.A. said that Gregory’s actions were illegal – yet he declined to prosecute…not so with Meckler.

The Obama regime is setting itself up to be above the law.

The left and the media will not report that left-wing positions have motivated people to kill, the progressive politicians will not speak out against this as they did when they thought conservatives were at fault. They are essentially displaying their acquiescence to the proposition that it is legitimate to murder and conduct mayhem as long as you are the hold the approved political views.

They are essentially legitimizing violence against the political right.

Obama as the infallible judge, jury and executioner. Legitimizing violence against the political opposition. Gun “control” via bans, and in some states, attempts are outright confiscation. Government agencies buying up ammo. Government officials exempting themselves from gun laws. Military exercises in urban settings on American soil. The Department of Homeland Security linking right-wing politics with terrorism.

Are Obama and the Democrats readying to declare conservatives and others who oppose the communist takeover of our country as enemies of the state? Are they building the legal and military systems to back that up? Are they planning to declare speaking out against the government as “acts against America”?

These are concerning times to be sure.

14 thoughts on “Troubling Times

  1. It is obvious to me that there needs to be more conservative women in Congress. Let’s face it: Girls are fearless. I know I wouldn’t be pussyfootin around on this. I would be Kells Starr. That;s gotta ring to it.

    M., I do hope that this isn’t your swan song? How’s about a wager? I wager I can beat you on Words on the FB, and in return, you must obey my wish to stay. I won’t even be pondering losin as I now know how to play this game……although i do admit to silliness….

  2. 1984 is alive and thriving. Scary stuff. Kell I suspect you might have to send him some cookies to go with the Wods tromp.

  3. Isaiah 5:20-21

    Understand, the fact that the Republicans are not even talking about this is evidence that they are in alliance with the Left. Do not look to them for help, they are among your enemies.

    Next, understand that the Republicans passive defense of the Left indicates that this is not a battle between Left and Right, but between good and evil. Chose wisely which side you stand on.

    • Yes,

      It is a Battle between those who believe in the Bill of Rights and Individual Rights and Freedoms…..and , those who believe in INCREASING the Control of the Central Gov’t.

      Between Gov’t Control and Individual Freedom.

      • Don,

        It’s more than that. Those are the ways it manifests itself in human society, but it is a struggle for control at a much higher level. Think about it. Look how nicely everything in human history seems to push in the same direction: toward centralized control of humanity. And now, “they” are closer than ever to this goal. This central axis gives the appearance of coordination, which is what gives rise to conspiracy theories: we instinctively KNOW there has to be a central direction for so many billions of humans to end up working in the same general direction. However, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that this persistent, constant march toward this one goal is impossible — at least by the laws of this universe. It has maintained itself over millennia, and always in the same direction. Whereas, if this universes laws were to be obeyed, we would expect a greater march toward chaos — not centralized order. And this — once grasped and understood — is one of the greatest pieces of supporting evidence for a belief in a Creator and a higher spiritual plane existing on many different levels or in some form that appears to function as different dimensional planes that we have available to us. It’s just that, for skeptics, it is easy to dismiss because it is a difficult thing to fully see and understand. But it’s like those dot pictures: once you get it, you see it everywhere, and you see it very clearly.

  4. People are not Gas molecules or Plasmas.

    The force of Darkness (Evil) rallies peoples insecurities towards Centralized control and Totalitarian Socialism. The Forces Also use bogus argumentatation in an appeal to “reason”.

    The realm of Light ( Goodness) rallies peoples INNATE senses, their Deep individual knowledge of “choice”, of Free will. People Acting together but, at the same time, out of their own Individual connection to this conviction and to their “inner light”, also have the “appearance” of Coordination.

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