Government Crack-Down: This Is How It Could Happen

I fully expect that Obama and his handlers are looking for, waiting for an incident they can exploit. They want a “crisis” they can use which they think will justify them taking our weapons — along with what little is left of our individual rights and freedoms. However, I don’t think they will send someone to create this crisis: they don’t have to. All they have to do is wait for one of the insane Leftists that support them to do it for them:

FBI: Calif. Man Hoped to Incite ‘Civil War’ by Framing ‘Anti-Government’ Right-Wing Groups for Terror Attack

Federal agents arrested 28-year-old California native Matthew Aaron Llaneza on Friday after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside a Bank of America in Oakland, according to the FBI. Llaneza, a Taliban sympathizer, plotted to blame the attack on right-wing, anti-government groups in a bid to incite a “civil war.”

Somebody like this is all Obama needs, and the media will be right there to help Obama and his handlers push the notion that the crack-down will be “for our own good.”  Oh, and no, none of these people care one wit about the innocent lives that will be lost because they think a few lives lost are worth their “greater good.”  It’s the same sentiment that was behind Mao’s “you have to break a few eggs” comment.

This is how tyranny always starts. If we do not get rid of this many and everyone connected to him now, we might not ever get rid of him. No, this is not a joke. Obama’s subversion and treason has far surpassed anything Wilson and FDR ever did. He is openly acting as a dictator, and no one in our government is even mentioning, let along trying to actually do anything to stop him. And I assure you, in matters such as these, silence is support. Think about that when you decide who to support in the next election — IF there’s a next election.

18 thoughts on “Government Crack-Down: This Is How It Could Happen

  1. Sadly, the fella wouldn’t have had to blame the right; the media would’ve done it for him.

    There seems to be apathy on the part of these legislators. Do you recall the days of Ken Starr? He was relentless. Are they afraid? They must be for being silent is no way to deal with a bully or a punk.

  2. Joe, color me a conspiracy theorist …. but sometimes I can’t help but ponder if some of this is already by design.

      • Soros is but the ‘Public Face’ of this cabal Kells …. The ‘Money Changers’ in our “Temple” are long. deep and wide in the take over Biz.

        Joe’s recent Post on the beginning of our Progressive Income tax below and the Comments in it highlight the cabal …. Augger’s comment above hints at some of the methods of their ‘design’.

        Remember the Gov’t has NO trouble insisting that we believe THEIR conspiracy Theories …. 1963 Dallas, 1914 Sarajevo, 1898 Havana (the Maine), 2001 NYC, DC and Penna, 1995 Oklahoma City, 1992 Ruby Ridge, 1993 Waco Tx …..
        e.g….The 911 hyjackers “conspired” to attack us…which they did.
        It is only when folks outside of the Gov’t come up with evidence on their own of Collusion and incongruencies that the term “…Conspiracy Theory…” …is used as an official Gov’t ‘Four-Letter-Word’…..and thus ridiculed by the Press.

      • No Kells. Soros will not take over the country, though he will help facilitate it (and has).

        What I am talking about are Obama’s expendables. I still think he puts people forth to set up a situation, or push a narrative. They know they are going to be eviscerated, but it’s not about the individual … it’s all about the narrative.

        There is a never ending resource of Sandra Fluke’s out there for Obama and the progressives to tap in to.

        Soros is not expendable to the movement … yet.

    • Augger,

      You are no conspiracy theorist: you know how to speak Progressive. Once you understand how they talk, you know that this is exactly what they are doing: designing something like this. That’s why they push: race here, homosexuality there, religion — now guns. They are looking for our breaking point, the point where we finally strike back and give them their crisis.

      So, no, you just understand how they work is all…

  3. Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Without a doubt we know Obama is one of his henchmen. Sadly those knowingly working with Obama because the are drunk on power and those that have sold out for a pound of silver present a very real and dangerous enemy.

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