Societal Decay Negates the Notion of Darwinism

It’s time for another discussion about philosophy.  This time, the topic is society and how society’s existence undermines the theory of evolution – at least, evolution as most Americans understand it today (i.e. the religion of Darwinism).

For some time now, I have been writing about the decay of our society.   I have often written extensively about how our founders tried to warn us that maintaining society is not automatic.  It has to be maintained by each successive generation or it falls apart.  I studied the same thing in more depth when I was earning my sociology degree, and before that, in English Literature.  This subject is specifically examined in the book, “Lord of the Flies.”    But, sadly, too few people are taught anything about the need to consciously maintain our society, let alone think about it.

Instead, most people today are un-knowingly being taught to help in the destruction of our society.  Our children are taught to hold our founders in contempt because they were “old, rich, white slave owners.” We are told that our culture is based on theft and exploitation, and that we have been a force for evil in human history.  Our traditions are criticized as “antiquated;” we’re told they’re no longer valid because of “advances” in technology and society.  The idea that there is no fixed morality is pushed everywhere, and any belief in God or religion is ridiculed as “superstition.”  All of this is an indoctrination process designed to turn those who assimilate these teachings into active combatants in a campaign to undermine and destroy our society.

But here is where I find an interesting correlation between our society and the dogmatic notion of evolution that is pushed as part of this on-going campaign to destroy our society.  As it is taught today, if the theory of evolution were true, then society couldn’t exist.  You see, evolution assumes that life started from the simple and moved toward the complex, but this is a violation of the natural laws that govern this universe.  I direct you to the 2nd law of thermodynamics as one of the clearest and easiest ways to understand this point.  In short, the 2nd law of thermodynamics tells us that all things tend toward disorder: toward decay.  So, if human organization evolved toward higher organization, this is – by the strictest sense of the definition – “supra natural: transcendent; outside of or above the laws of this universe.  What’s more, if human will can organize and maintain human society, then – again, by definition – human will is equally “supra natural.”

That this is the case is evidenced in the decayed state of our society.  As we continue to wage war on the institutions that support and maintain our society, our society falls farther and farther into a state of decay.  In short, when man stops working to maintain society, the 2nd law of thermodynamics takes over and society falls apart.  This brings us to a simple question: do you understand what this means, both for society and for man kind?

10 thoughts on “Societal Decay Negates the Notion of Darwinism

        • Augger,

          The real problem here is that, as the ones afflicted with this mental disorder, they do not realize they are living outside of objective reality.

          In more severe cases, some of these people reject the notion of reality: believing instead that they can consciously create their own. That is as clear an admission of insanity as I suspect the afflicted can or will ever make.

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