Democrats, McCain, Cantor and Rogers, Defend Obama, Drones and Assassinations of Americans

I have written – many times – that Carroll Quigley, a Progressive insider, tried to explain in his book, Tragedy and Hope, that America does not have a two Party system: we have one Party that pretends to be two. The purpose was to allow a steady political agenda that wouldn’t be subject to the whims of the people. In short: this was the political elites solution as to how to dictate to the American people without letting them become aware of the fact that they were no longer in charge of their own government. Well, here are the latest in a long, long string of stories that actually demonstrate that this is exactly what is happening:

Obama Drone Program Should Be Run By Pentagon, John McCain Says (VIDEO)

Cantor offers support for administration’s drone program

House intel chair defends Obama on drones

And there you go: Democrats in “Republican clothes” defending their political objective of destroying the constitution, constitutional protections and allowing themselves to do whatever they please. The only difference between these Democrats with an “R” and the Democrats with a “D” is that the “R’s” try to paint a national defense spin on their advocating of destroying the constitution.

Assassination via drone strikes is unconstitutional – period. It does not matter if it is done in the name of fighting terrorism. That’s just the excuse they are pushing to get us to surrender our rights. Whether it is the “R” side of the central Party or the “D,” the results are the same: Obama’s ability to assassinate anyone he wants by simply claiming he thinks they are Al-Qaeda is being defended. And that, my friends, is tyranny. It’s also proof that there really is only one Party in Washington, the State!

But suppose you are still of the belief that the President should have this authority. Maybe you think we just need to trust it to “your” President. OK, fine. But let me ask you a question:

Who protects us from your President?

10 thoughts on “Democrats, McCain, Cantor and Rogers, Defend Obama, Drones and Assassinations of Americans

  1. Ugh! I was having a debate about this with a fella who kept insisting that the 16-year-old was involved in his father’s Al Qaeda activities, and therefore deserved what he got. I could not make him understand that this administration was not following the rule of law. It was very frustrating trying to point out to him the crux of the matter. The Obama sychophants are a bit blinded….
    Then again, so were the Bushes….

    • Kells,

      Next time, tell him U.S. Intel says he and his family are equally involved and that you’re going to tell Obama to take them out. If he objects or tries to dismiss you, ask him how it feels to be on the receiving end of “Leftist Justice.” 😉

    • Keep talking though Kells….

      The Left effectively silenced the People and conservative views ( Classical Liberal views too … :- )). ) for the last 40 years or so with Political Correctness and ridicule.

      This kind of political dialogue has been missing from American Life that long and is NEEDED …. so please keep up thr effort !!

      • ::giggles:: The problem with me Don is that I forget what site I have been chatting with them on. ADD? Still, I do hope that I get folks thinking….especially young folks. Unfortunately for me, I probably come across as crazier than a cat without a tongue! Oh, well, at least I’ve got bazookas…..

  2. Rogers, A Republican,says he reviews each attack…. AFTER IT HAPPENS …..

    If this doesn’t send chills down the spines of Americans ….. they are NOT Americans .

  3. State of the Union Speach – Obama, full spead ahead, more green investment, more welfare, more unionizing, more, more, of the last four years. Republican response – mumble, mumble, mumble …….

  4. Augger – that’s a fantastic graphic. Too bad most aren’t intelligent enough to understand what it really means…

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