Ron Paul Further Alienates His Supporters

As if last week’s ridiculous Chris Kyle tweets by Ron Paul weren’t enough, it now appears as if Mr. Paul in all of his infinite wisdom has decided to turn bullish on the very supporters who have made him a Libertarian Hero.

Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate Domain Names of His Supporters


Note to Ronnie the Asshat:

Solve your differences with these people. Don’t be an asshat donk that appeals to the United Nations. That’s for the flippant liberals. These people have helped you more than you can ever appreciate.

Stop being a dolt.

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul Further Alienates His Supporters

  1. Look… how in the HELL can ANYONE be surprised!?

    The ONLY way this can be a reality to ANYONE is because they got suckered AGAIN by another party that claims to be “Constitutional” and “will fix the system” but they are just another radical group of deconstructionism. LOL!


    And just like I pointed out in my own article, extremists are extremists PERIOD. Progressives and Libertarians are BOTH extremists in their own right. It is hard to believe because you WANT to believe. Look internally first is all I can say.

    Now listen, if you are like myself, in the last few years became so frustrated that you left the Republican party you may have gone further than I did and JOINED ANOTHER PARTY. Mistake No. 1. Going from one shinny object to another doesn’t clear the glare of the issue. It’s just more blinding.

    I thought loooong and hard about this. So long and hard and deep I didn’t even make the move to the voting label “Conservative” but rather Independent because I took on that label ‘literally’ not just politically. Why? Cause I don’t even agree with Conserv’s all the time. Sometimes they stray from the Bill of Right and Constitution.

    (Notice I am using the term ‘label’?) Think about it.

    Just read my opinion… I firmly believe we are seeing people looking for a real solution and doing so honestly but falling back into the same old problem – looking for a party in government to fix it. If we are going to beat this decline we need to take back the Republican party (for a power structure only) with Conservatism philosophy (a way of life NOT a party) and Libertarians, Moderates and Conservatives can debate internally about the symantec’s WHILE together beating the true enemies – Extremism.

    • I’m not saying you should do any differently …. What you have described is your OWN movement from Party Hypocrisy !

      But to ME being Conservative means …. I ( one) never strays from the Bill of Rights and Constitution .

  2. What a Surprise ( NOT!) …. as Obama and other Progressives on both the Democratic and Republican side have done….Ron Raul has “Evolved” on some issues and now gives the United Nations Legitimacy over the US.

    Gotta love those “Evolutionary” evolvers !

  3. Off message a little. Just returned to the office from attending the Memorial Service held for Chris Kyle in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. What a great service! Very prayerful and respectful. It was truly an affirmation of how great this country is and how blessed we are to have the men and women in uniform willing to sacrifice themselves for our freedoms. All Americans should have to watch a video of this memorial service and see how God fearing people conduct themselves. Those Bagpipes always bring tears to my eyes. Wonder how the MSM will cover the event.

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