A Proposal for “Fixing” Representation in Government

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Here are my proposals:

1 – Repeal the 17th Amendment.  Return election of State Senators to the States.

2—Restore the original method of electing the President: the State legislatures vote on 2 people: one from their State and one from outside their State.  Those 2 votes are then sent to the Congress to be counted.  The most votes is President, the second highest vote count becomes VP.

3 – Make voting dependent upon ownership of property or service in the armed forces during a time of armed conflict.

4 – Select Congressmen by lottery.  The pool will consist of ALL eligible voters (property owners and veterans of armed conflict).  Every 2 years, a lottery is held and the person selected becomes the Congressman or woman for that district.

5 – Amend the Constitution to read that ANY law passed by the Federal government must be constructed in such a way as to apply equally to ALL American citizens.  NO group – especially Congress or Federal employees – may EVER be exempted from a Federal law.

[One possible addition would be the repeal of the 16th Amendment as it can be used to differentiate between Americans according to income, as well as to force desired behavior based on tax policy — neither of which are in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and/or the U.S. Constitution.]

There you go: 5 easy steps to solving lobbyists, money in politics, term limits, career politicians, Party politics and uninformed voters and/or thieves using their votes to send people to Washington to steal from one citizen and give to them.  These changes would have the added benefit of making educational reform an imperative as it would become necessary to better educate ALL citizens because anyone could potentially be called on to serve in government.

5 thoughts on “A Proposal for “Fixing” Representation in Government

  1. And here is an example where Liber’s and Conserv’s (like me) can “come together” 🙂

    We can debate who gets the credit for the founding later… hehe

  2. We HAVE to repeal the 16th Amendment !!

    #1 I agree with
    # 2 possibly
    # 3….Voting elligibility based on knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and their meaning.
    # 4 interesting concept.

    # 5 Add to that a re-working of the Judiciary which IMHO is completely corrupt and DOES NOT WORK on any level. Judges should NOT be for Life anywhere and they SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE EXEMPT from prosecution.

  3. The only one I disagree with is voting. I am a veteran, but I served during the “cold war” and I rent. Unless you are going to give me and every other renter a “nice” house in a “safe” neighborhood. Otherwise, leave my voting rights alone and enforce voting fraud laws to the fullest extent of the law. If you violate voting laws, you are violating the civil rights of your fellow citizens. I think that is th ebest way to deter fraud.

    • Bob,

      Sorry, but what you suggest would solve NOTHING. People could all rent and then vote for thieves to go to D.C. and do their stealing for them: from their landlord to themselves.

      The suggestions I made encourage people to be responsible. And, if you want to earn the right to vote, you’ll buy property or build a business, which, in turn, will make you much more likely to responsibly exercise your duty when voting.

      I understand the emotion in this subject, but I am not looking at emotions. I am addressing the problem and suggesting a possible solution that does NOT discriminate. After all, if you rent, I suspect you COULD own — if you wanted to. So, you see, choice is still in my suggested solution.

    • Bob,

      Also, remember, civil rights are NOT the same as natural rights. One is God-given and cannot be taken or abridged: the other is the product of society and, therefore, remains under the control of society. 😉

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