All the Evidence We Need to Baker Act (Committ) Pelosi

I’ve been thinking about Nancy Pelosi’s latest interview.  I wrote about it here:

Pelosi Interview: Good Argument for Resending 1st Amendment Rights from “MSM”

So, Pelosi says there is no link between mental illness and mass murder, or between more guns in private hands and a reduction in mass deaths at the hands of would-be mass murderers.  Well, it would seem that Pelosi has a problem.  You see, the facts – those pesky little things that simply are and that cannot be eliminated or changed just because you want them to be – the FACTS say Pelosi is wrong:

How Gun Control Left 23 Dead

As the left frantically tries to push through their anti-gun agenda while the time is ripe, reforms that could have actually made a difference fall by the wayside.

For instance, it’s clear both Lanza and Hennard had severe mental issues that were left untreated. Nearly a week before the Luby massacre, Hennard quit his job, mused openly about killing someone, and kept telling his co-workers “watch and see, watch and see,” People reported.  And the day before the shooting, Hennard even exploded with rage and began screaming obscenities in a local diner.

Instead of buying into the left’s half-baked, insufficient gun control agenda, why aren’t we working with the mental health community to try and put together troublesome signs like these?  Where is the push to expose and remedy mental illnesses in clearly deranged people?

Yet, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, Pelosi claims that none of this is true — which leaves one to wonder whether or not Pelosi may be among the mentally unstable we need to be watching.  So here’s my question:

Can we use these two stories as proof that Pelosi is mentally incompetent and have her removed from office – PLEASE?  And is this enough to Baker Act her ass?

2 thoughts on “All the Evidence We Need to Baker Act (Committ) Pelosi

  1. Joe, the problem is Nancy is supported by the voters of CA, not all, but many. Nothing bad ever happens to dotty, old Libs in CA, they become Senators or Governor, look at Moonbeam. This week Jerry Brown is Grousing about how stupid Texans and Rick Perry are, meanwhile Perry is in Silicon Valley picking off the few big businesses left here. Is Brown going to try and compete with Texas? Not a chance, he’s just going to make lame jokes about Gov Perry’s farts. That’s what passes for leadership here. I’ve met Jerry Brown, we shouldn’t expect too much there, trust me on that.

    Nancy will eventually break a hip or suffer a complication from plastic surgery and retire. Of course, she will immediately be replaced by a younger, dotty Lib. This is CA, mental illness is a way of life here.

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