Cognitive Dissonance

Just a few thoughts:

So, Obamacare does not reduce insurance premiums, reduce costs or allow you to keep your plan if you like it – but it does restrict your choices, increases your taxes and fines you if you don’t comply and,

Gun “control” legislation doesn’t address any true lethality of a weapon that only looks like a real “assault” weapon – but is does restrict your behaviors and is the camel’s nose under the tent to a total abrogation of your Second Amendment rights and,

The Democrats in the House and Senate write gun ban bill after bill while exempting themselves and government employees and as federal agencies buy billions of rounds of ammunition and,

Democrats want to ban ownership of weapons by regular Americans but sends free F-16 fighters and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt and,

Obama’s toadies continue to revise the events surrounding Benghazi, making it more apparent than ever that all of this may be cover for an Administration approved gun running program that was only putting weapons in our the hands of our enemies and that his re-election was more important than American lives and,

Obama decried Mitt Romney’s use of offshore bank accounts and then nominates a Treasury Secretary who has accounts in the Cayman Islands after the former tax-cheating Tim Geithner leaves and,

Obama says he wants to raise taxes on the “rich” while raising them on over 77% of working Americans and,

Proposed the sequester to initiate cuts in government to deal with our spending problem which he now proposes to resolve by raising taxes and,

This administration claims that the economy is improving while over 8.5 million people have left the workforce in his first term alone, Social Security disability claims and food stamp usage are at the highest rate in the history of the country and,

Obama savages Bush over “enhanced interrogation” and rendition, yet he maintains an extensive foreign network of locations and alliances to do the same thing and,

Obama opposed the surveillance of terrorists via the Patriot Act (which he and his Party subsequently re-authorized and expanded) even thought all wiretaps have the oversight of the FISA court, yet supports killing American citizens merely suspected of participating in “crimes against America” based on the decision of one administration official and,

Obama and the Democrats continue to blame Bush while adopting almost all of his national security policies…including Gitmo, which is still open and,

Obama uses executive orders and signing statements (which in 2008, he said he would never use) to subvert legislative protocol and go around Congress even after wailing about Bush being the “unitary executive” or “imperial president” for concentrating power in the Executive branch and,

The shrillest voices of condemnation during the Bush years are now silent, the “investigative” reporters who exposed secret programs under Bush are now not out of ink and the public protests by the leftist organizations for civil rights are gone.

And yet people wonder why we don’t trust this government.

Could it be because they, the Democrat Party and the media who covers for them are all liars and the erstwhile “opposition” (the Republicans) refuse to hold them accountable?

6 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Could it be because they, the Democrat Party and the media who covers for them are all liars and the erstwhile “opposition” (the Republicans) refuse to hold them accountable?


    If you refuse to hold the accountable, or to even oppose them, are you really “the opposition?” Or are you just pretending to be…?

    • Or could it just be that you crave the power, perks and protection from your own actions that your position in government provides that you just don’t care about the people who trusted you to act on their behalf?

      The whole mess is rotten to the core.

      • Utah,

        Oh, I am certain that this is exactly the case. But then, that proves my point: the “R’s” are no more opposition to the “D’s” than the “D’s” to the “R’s” because — if either truly opposes the other, they both lose.

        So where is the “real” opposition here? I say it’s in the people, which — by definition — means our govt. has become our enemy. And that takes us back to this little document Jefferson wrote in 1776 😉

  2. I see it in my family. Taking responsibility for yourself is haaaarrddd. They don’t want to have to think. They want to hop on the Free Sh** Express. They want their TYRANANNY!

  3. “…his re-election was more important than American lives .” That is the core of the potus’ behavior. This is behind the gun grab and the ACA, just to name two.. If anyone in gov’t today really worried about the populace, the ACA would never have been allowed to get through at all. As soon as Pelosi said they had to pass it to read it, NO ONE should have voted for the ACA. I am afraid logic no longer applies in gov’t. Have you seen the quotation from Barry that derides the Bush administration for raising the debt limit? When illegal and /or unwise bills are passed but people follow them anyway, what can we do? When lawyers and bureaucrats are in charge, nothing is consistent, never mind fair and reasonable.

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