Fill in the Bubble

This morning I was at silly Sally’s site (Sally1137), and she posted a caption of Obama’s thoughts. Naturally, I had to steal it. If you have not yet watched this video, please do so (this is a shorter version, for cryin out loud!) :

Okay; now for some fun. As Obama is being publically excoriated, I’d like to know his thoughts. Sally is pretty dang funny, boys. Speaking of Sally, that’s her wordpress site above. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to take you there cause I don’t know how one does that thingy. No matter. Here is the pic:


4 thoughts on “Fill in the Bubble

  1. Thanks for the Post Kells….. Dr Carson is a welcom and fresh voice of Reason and sensible solutions.

    About the internet-ness stuff …. I wouldn’t worry much …. you are really good at LOTS of “other Thingys” .

  2. Everybody’s a party-pooper. Well, I can’t resist myself….

    Obama: I am so going to slap the black right off of his face!
    Biden: I wonder what a neurosurgeon does.

    Obama: Blah, blah, blah! There’s a reason that I’m the king.
    Biden: I’m glad he’s talking about the Bush administration.

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