Hoyer: Bat-Crap Crazy

Apparently, Hoyer has joined Pelosi in the belfry.  Here is the latest story in a long and growing list of stories about Leftists admitting they are bat-crap crazy:

Hoyer: “The Country Has A Paying For Problem,” Not A Spending Problem

 By this moonbat’s thinking, he and his Leftist idiot dolts could spend 500% of the WORLD’s GDP and he would be telling us we have a “paying for” problem.

No, Hoyer, we do not have a “paying for” problem.  In fact, we don’t even have a spending problem.  What we have is a barking moonbat problem and they are called POLITICIANS!

My world for a patriot in office.  Just 1, Lord…please!

10 thoughts on “Hoyer: Bat-Crap Crazy

  1. Joe,

    Try hard as I may I can’t come up with the name of one patriot Republican politician. Not one with a set of manhood willing to stand up and put it all on the line. Stand up and tell Obama and his useful idiots there will be no further concession on any issue. We move right or kiss off. As for the MSM cut them off and attack. One that will be a leader and put a stop to this madness.

  2. Joe,

    I stand corrected. Allen West is a rare person and someone we should all support. Too bad he did not give the Rep. response last night.

    • I heard Rand Paul’s on GBTV/TheBLAZE TV. I “might” be able to get behind him. So far, he doesn’t seem to share his father’s insanity (but then, he could be better at hiding it — I just don’t know).

    • West couldn’t even win re-election in his own district, and you think he’s going to get widespread support?

      • SBJ, the biggest problem is that south FL is primarily blue. I do believe if he had some name recognition he could make waves in a bigger setting. The boys know that I’m fond of another Floridian………he makes me want to salsa… 😉

        • “I do believe if he had some name recognition … ”

          I don’t think that’s West’s problem; he may have been the best-known freshman Congressman in the nation. I suspect that a bigger problem for him is that people DO know him. But hey, I hope he keeps running for office, preferably for Senate. And if you can get Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, Ken Buck, Joe Miller, Richard Mourdoch and Sarah Palin to run, too, the Democrats may finally get that filibuster-proof majority. 🙂

          • Because the media has eviscerated them, I reckon they could get their names back by shootin up some people, right? It worked for that silly cop in CA. That seems to be the way that one does things these days. You know who this fella’s heroes were, SBJ?

            That said, your point is valid in that the media has undermined some good folks and they are now looked down upon. Course, that’s just my opinion. But I’m Right! I’m alvays right! Und eef you don’t beleef me, you shall pay! Ja! I vill replace your maps, silly boy! See vaht happens den! Let’s say you vahnt to go to NPR. Too bat! My map vill take you to a Broadvay musical……I know fery vell da torture vun endures wit showtunes. Ja! I can be cruel und unusuval.

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