So You Say It Can’t Happen Here? WRONG! It Already Has!!!

I have been writing about the growing threat I see coming from Washington, D.C.  I see this nation traveling down the same road Germany traveled in the 1930’s, and for many of the same reasons.  But there are people – ignorant people – who tell me this could never happen here:


Well, if you are among those who think this sort of thing could never happen here, I say learn your history – because it already has:


That second picture is a picture of AMERICAN troops, here, on American soil!

The Battle of Wounded Knee was about government confiscation of weapons.  Not only did our government try to take the weapons from free people, they massacred them – men, women and children.  Then they handed out medals to hide their shame.

So don’t tell me it can’t happen here again.  The stage is already set for it to happen, and on a grander, nation-wide scale.  All they’re waiting for now is the right excuse.

10 thoughts on “So You Say It Can’t Happen Here? WRONG! It Already Has!!!

  1. This is a Clear example, and when mixed with the Internment of Japenese in Concentration camps during WWII, shows that it can happen here. And we are on the same path again … far enough along the path to make folks like A Jones seem like prophets.

    • Don,

      The key to understanding how it happened here in the past and why it WILL happen again is found in the mentality and objectives of the people we allow to be in charge of our government and social institutions.

  2. I’ll give you three examples of a more recent history. Ruby Ridge Idaho, Waco Texas, the murder of Al Awlaki without due process. Whatever you may think of these three incidents, the fact remains that the constitutional rights of the victms were absolutley violated.

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