The History of Gun Control in America: Another Example of REAL Journalism

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What Does History Say About When the Gov’t Tried to Restrict Guns in the Past?

If we’re going to insist on refusing to learn from history…

9 thoughts on “The History of Gun Control in America: Another Example of REAL Journalism

  1. Every time I think of the Second Amendment I am reminded that the Founders were speaking of the American People having weapons that were the same state of the art military weapons of the time. NOT SOMETHING LESS.

    When i think of the current discussion on Gun Control I am reminded that the weapons they are talking about are not even the weapons that are used in the overwhelming majority of gun crimes. THEY ARE FOCUSING ON THE MILITARY WEAPON LOOK A LIKES.

    So what is the purpose of the current gun control legislation?

    • triper,

      The founders used the word “arms” for good reason. You are correct: at the time, “arms” meant ANY weapon of war — and for the very reason you are thinking — so the people could resist the government (for the next time it become necessary)

  2. The gun lobby organizations constantly harp on proper enforcement of current gun laws. So I ask th equestion “Why don’t they properly enforce current laws?” The answer, I believe is that they know if they did, the whole country would see that they don’t improve anything. And then the question would be asked “Why have these laws if they don’t work?” Then we would answer “They are there to take your rights away by disarming your fellow citizens and turning this country into a dictatorship.”

  3. Joe-

    At the time, We the People, were allowed to own our own cannons and cannon balls. Think about that for a while.

    • triper,

      Already have. I’m not convinced that the founders would have objected to Bill Gates owning his own aircraft carrier — IF he could afford it (and wanted to spend the money to keep it up).

      But then, the founders understood the principles of liberty. Gates has demonstrated that he does not.

    • That’s right Triper,

      And consider this …. The rifles in 1776 were ‘State of the Art’ Arms. The 2nd Amendment was intended for Citizens to adequately “Meet the Threat” to their freedoms….whether it is a Home invader who has an Ar or a couple of Home invaders…..or the Tyrannical Gov’t.

      The Longbow fielded by the English yeomen and Peasantry “equalized” the threat from an Army of heavily Armed Knights in the High Middle ages……ie, Met the Threat.

      The Swiss Pikes also leveled the playing Field between citizens of the Cities and their would be masters Armmed on Horses with armor.

      The concept and execution of protection from Tyranny is an old one !!…..The Founders knew well what they were doing !!

  4. Joe,

    Guess the idea is that along with liberty and freedom comes the self restraint brought on by the realization that you are responsible for your own actions. No body else can be responsible.

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