Obama the Dictator


Our new dictator grows bolder in exercising his newly usurped powers:

What Expected Obama Executive Order Has Conservatives Concerned?

Last year, the House passed CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), but privacy advocates criticized it — and the White House threatened to veto it — over concerns about measures that would allow the National Security Agency and military to collect private information. 

  • On the flip side the Senate too failed to pass the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, which was said to be an improvement when it came to privacy concerns of CISPA, but Republicans said it could hamper industry by increasing costs. 
  • Now, President Obama is expected to sign a cybersecurity executive order that would create voluntary standards for the reporting and sharing of information about cyberattacks between private industry and the government. Some of the concerns held among both bills still stand with this e.o. 

And before anyone tells me Obama is not a dictator, stop!  Anyone who is the nominal head of a fre and self-governing people, elected to execute the laws passed by the elected representatives in the Legislative body, yet who ignores the laws he does not like and does everything he can to go around the Legislature is – by definition – a dictator:

Definition of DICTATOR

1a : a person granted absolute emergency power; especially : one appointed by the senate of ancient Rome

b : one holding complete autocratic control

c : one ruling absolutely and often oppressively

2: one that dictates

Here’s How Obama Is Using Executive Power to Bypass Legislative Process

Now, if you think what Obama is doing is not oppressive, then it’s likely you are among those who are benefiting from his tyranny, in which case, it is little wonder you are sympathetic to Obama and his dictates.  However, if you are one of those being robbed or having their property confiscated or told what you can/can’t do with it; if you are one having your constitutional rights trampled; if you are one being publicly destroyed by the Obama Administration and his propaganda organs in the media – well, then you might have a different perspective on what oppression really is.

8 thoughts on “Obama the Dictator

    • Without Gun Freedoms ( the 2nd Amendment ) …. there will be no Computer Freedoms.

      Egypt has Banned Youtube……Iran and China have censored the internet and turned it into a State-controlled propaganda machine that basically monitors their citizens.

    • “I do believe people will go more nutters over computer freedoms than gun control. Watch.”

      100,000,000,000 nerds shall not be denied! 🙂

      • You two shouldn’t be so fast to assume the nerds will revolt. Your forget two things:

        1 — These same nerds are the gullible and uniformed people who support Obama.

        2 — Obama will paint this as something designed to HELP them: to PROTECT them…protect them from the evil likes of you, me and the right-wing ditto-heads.

        Do I need to connect those dots for you (Kells?)

        • When they cannot hide their identities via a proxy server … the nerds will revolt. When they cannot download unlimited numbers of music, movies, books, and most importantly porn from the newsgroups … the nerds will revolt. When their internet suddenly gets shut off due to high packet processing while playing their favorite nerd game like Fate, World of Warcraft, or Farmville … the nerds will revolt. When the government knocks on their doors following a nerd rage episode (you know the one … they call each other trolls) were the nerdy brat hides his identity … the nerds will revolt.

          And finally … when Michelle O rolls up on their hotpockets …. the nerds WILL revolt!

          And I say … let them REVOLT!

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