A La Quinta Inns Moment: Rand Paul (Rand – not Ron) NAILS IT!

Did you see this story?

Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Something Really Depraved Is Rising in the Country’

Paul said that when he was first running for office he appreciated people telling him that they were praying for him, but that he didn’t take these pledges seriously enough. Now, he sees inherent value in these prayers and well-wishes — and he believes the nation should adopt similar sentiments.

“I think that our country needs a spiritual cleansing,” Paul told Beck. “I really think we need a revival in this country — and I do need your prayers and I do need the strength to go on with this, because this isn’t always easy.”

He went on to call for religious leaders to come forward and to help deal with the issues at hand and said that something is needed (i.e. God) that is “bigger than any politician.”

“I think our country’s problems are deeper than political — that we need spiritual leaders to come forward. We need something beyond just the politics of the day and, you know, I see it everywhere — something really depraved is rising in the country,” he continued.


Well, if you get your news from the propaganda wing of the Obama Administration (a.k.a Pravda West, or “the Lame Stream Media), or you depend on “conservative talk radio” to tell you what you need to know, then you probably aren’t hearing as much about Rand Paul as you are about Rubio.  If that’s the case, you might be interested in giving this link a read, as well:

Here’s a Side-By-Side Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View the State of the Union

But beware: Rand Paul sets his sights on the GOP as much as he does on Obama (which is probably why the “conservative” gatekeepers want to keep you from listening to him as much as they did his father).


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