Another “So You Think It Can’t Happen Here” Post (This Time, Political Prisoners in America)

“I’m thinking of an American president who demonized ethnic groups as enemies of the state, censored the press, imprisoned dissidents, bullied political opponents, spewed propaganda, often expressed contempt for the Constitution, approved warrantless searches and eavesdropping, and pursued his policies with a blind, religious certainty.”

Do those words remind you of anyone?  They should, but they are not addressing anyone in modern politics.  But we’ll get to that in a moment.  Yesterday, I covered the foolishness of believing that gun collection and mass murder of civilians by American troops could never happen in America – because it already has.  Today, I want to end the foolishness of believing that the President wouldn’t or couldn’t collect and jail political prisoners in this nation because – again – it has already happened.

You want a more ‘progressive’ America? Careful what you wish for.

Voters should remember what happened under Woodrow Wilson.

The opening quote of this post comes from the article in this link, as does the following:

That’s a shame, because Wilson’s two terms in office provide the clearest historical window into the soul of progressivism. Wilson’s racism, his ideological rigidity, and his antipathy toward the Constitution were all products of the progressive worldview. And since “progressivism” is suddenly in vogue – today’s leading Democrats proudly wear the label – it’s worth actually reviewing what progressivism was and what actually happened under the last full-throated progressive president.

The record should give sober pause to anyone who’s mesmerized by the progressive promise.

 (You should read the rest of this article)


In his book, Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg argues that Woodrow Wilson was the world’s first fascist dictator – yes, dictator.  And when you read his argument and consider it next to the evidence, it is difficult to refute his argument.  Here is an excerpt from Free Republic:

In his 1890 essay, “Leaders of Men,” Wilson explained that a “true leader” uses the masses like “tools.” He must inflame their passions with little heed for the facts. “Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.”

“No doubt a lot of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle,” wrote Wilson, attacking the very individual rights that have made America great.

He rejected the principles of “separation of powers” and “checks and balances” that are the foundation of American government: “Government does now whatever experience permits or the times demand….” wrote Wilson in The State.

And this — this mentality — is what defines the mentality of the Progressive — both then and now.

Wilson sought out and employed the man who invented modern propaganda, Edward Bernays.  His work in this field was later praised by Josef Goebbels and the NAZI Party leadership.  Wilson also collected and jailed thousands of political prisoners – many for doing little more than expressing their opposition to Wilson’s policies concerning WW I.  Many of these prisoners were jailed and held without trial or access to the courts.  Wilson even had his own private police force and programs which turned friend and family against each other by encouraging people to report “seditious behavior” to the government.  Yes, Wilson pioneered the model that would later be perfected in the form of the Gestapo and KGB.  You can read about some of these individual cases in the scholarly book, American Political Prisoners, by Steyephen M. Kohn.

Which brings us to this:

Understand, the people this informant was talking about are now in the White House and at the highest levels of our government – and they have explicitly said that, not only do they not disavow their beliefs then; they wish they had done more to affect change.  This means they are now more of a threat than they have ever been.  And should anyone doubt that the mentality of Wilson and the Weather Underground is not inside the current Administration, should you doubt that the Progressive ideology is no longer dominating the Leftist political agenda, I leave you with the proof that you are wrong – dead wrong!

7 thoughts on “Another “So You Think It Can’t Happen Here” Post (This Time, Political Prisoners in America)

  1. I am giving myself a pat on the back for guessing Woodrow Wilson before I got to the second sentence; I am giving you a pat on the back because this was a well written and carefully laid out article. Good job!

  2. We should remember that the Progressive Income Tax and the Federal Reserve were also instituted under Wilson.

    Because our education system is so broken and geared towards Gov’t Propaganda a review of where this Wilson quote originates would be good. From Joe’s article above…”In his 1890 essay, “Leaders of Men,” Wilson explained that a “true leader” uses the MASSES like “tools.” He must inflame their passions with little heed for the facts. “Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.”

    The Progressivist Movement is the intellectual Academic front for the Socialist / Communist movement. And that movement has had something the “Conservative-Liberty-Jeffersonian Liberal movement” hasn’t had and doesn’t now have. I use quotes because the two are not really equivalent in their execution and obviously not in their Goals.

    If one looks at the history of the Communist/Progressive movement one sees an effort at International Organization very early. Marx’s term…”workers of the world unite” was penned in 1848. The 1st International was in 1864 (IWA) International Workingman’s Association. The Paris Commune in 1871 and Finally the 2nd International in 1889….when the stated goal was to “Unite into an INTERNATIONAL Organization”. Wilson’s quote above was 1 year later. Their rallying SONG..”The Internationale” originally penned in French after the Paris Commune 1871….was adopted in 1888 as the Communists International Meetings official theme…….The Original French had the term..”Enslaved Masses ” through-out the verses…..the Refrain is as Follows….

    “..Let’s group together, and tomorrow the Internationale WILL BE THE HUMAN RACE .”….The song is sung with raised fists pumping the air…( Shades of OWS today ).

    The Russian version has this line….” ONLY We, the workers of the Worldwide GREAT ARMY of labour, have the right to own the land.”………Shades of Obama’s….”You didn’t buid that….you don’t own that ”

    Read the Translations and the English versions and you can clearly see the methods of as Wilson says, ” Inflaming the their passions with little heed for the facts…”

    Wilson is the Child of this International movement…..this Goal of International Total Control. Judge Andrew Napolitano’s new book “Theodore and Wilson” is a good Reference. And as shouid be known by all students but isn’t…..virtually EVERY Socialist-Communist leader has devolved in to dictatorship and totalitarianism….Russia,China,N Korea,Cambodia, the Eastern Europeans,Cuba,Venezuela,Viet Nam, Africa….the list is endless…….And as Joe shows, Wilson was well on his way with the same goals….except the Constitution Stopped him.

    • Don,

      I was with you — until that last sentence. I would offer a slightly different but crucial take. the People’s BELIEF in the Constitution stopped Wilson — not the constitution itself. Today, we no longer have that belief, hence Obama succeeds where Wilson failed.

      Otherwise, excellent. For the majority of that comment, I was your pupil. 🙂

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