Big Brother is watching – and it’s for Your Own Good

File this one under “It Could Never Happen Here:”

Major Defense Company Develops Software for Government to Track ‘Trillions of Entities’ for National Security

A top government defense contractor revealed it created software that can sift through social media sites to collect information from “trillions of entities” in order to reasonably predict a person’s next move.

They sell it in the name of “national security,” but the truth is, this and many other tracking/surveillance programs are designed to track and control EVERY American (and illegal, as well).


[Note: to all you “conservative” law-and-order types out there, this is how “conservatives” are sold on the progressive notion of big government.  Where you will reject government intrusions in the name of welfare and social justice, you will accept it in the name of the security and defense.  All I ask is that you watch for this and try to focus on principles rather than issues — so you’ll be better prepared to spot and deal with these sort of deceptions when you encounter them.]

9 thoughts on “Big Brother is watching – and it’s for Your Own Good

  1. Two things come to mind. Persons of Interest and Enemy of the State. Looks like there is a lot of truth that there are fellow Americans willing to sell out to a corrupt government that intends to enslave fellow Americans. Guess that is why I get more and more supportive of Anonymous every day. Another indication that the Progressive will not have a hard time finding useful idiots to participate in the “Ready Aim Fire” exercises required to cleanse the population of right wing nut jobs.

    • Chhelo,

      Be careful of siding with other forms of evil. Anonymous is not better than the Statists. Remember, true Marxism is as close to anarchy as we can get, it just assumes that there will be no need of govt. because we will all be of the same mind. Either way, no govt. is still an open state of war among all individuals, therefore, evil.

    • Chhelo,

      Listen to what Joe says … Anonymous was behind the OWS movements … they claim to be “Anarchists” but are in fact an arm of International Marxism.

      Look at the video by Breitbart … “Occupy Unmasked”…it names names and shows the timeline and connections between Anonymous and the “movement” … including intimidation of Bloggers and reporters sceptical of OWS.

      • Don,

        OWS is also directly connected to Obama through one of his “advisers” (name slips me at the moment — might have been Joel Rogers, but I thought it was stevens or stephens or something like that). Anyway, OWS was originally planned to be called the “Days of Rage” and it was manufactured.

  2. The correctional officer I work with daily has a disabled wife. Recently, they took a trip to Ohio, by plane. The wife has not driven a vehicle in years, and has no driver’s license. She accidentally left her Florida picture ID at home, because she is not used to getting out and needing it. When they got to the Dothan, AL airport, the TSA people (understandably) wouldn’t let her board the flight. My friend explained the situation to TSA (he told me the TSA officers were very polite and professional) and they had her fill out a form. Then they called “someone” on the phone. They began to quiz her; who was their closest neighbor not kin to them, what is the middle name of their youngest son, what was her father’s name and her mother’s maiden name. They had the correct answers to all of these questions. My friend was amazed at what the TSA (or whoever it was the TSA was talking to) knew about them. I’m sure it would amaze us all.

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