Leftist – NO! — Marxists in Texas Schools System Declare “USA, USA” Chant to be “RACIST!?”

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I doubt you’ll see this from Obama’s Propaganda Organ (a.k.a Pravda West):

‘Racial Overtones’: HS Students Say They Were Suspended for Wearing Flag Bandanas and Chanting ‘USA! USA!’ at a Basketball Game

Oxnard Union School District Superintendent Gabe Soumakian backed the principal, telling Fox News there were “racial overtones” to the “USA!” chant.

“There was symbolism there with the bandana and the chant,” Soumakian said, claiming it had “nothing to do with being patriotic or unpatriotic.”

This is an attack on patriotism, which is one of the fundamental planks of the Marxist movement: to undermine any and all allegiance to one’s country, thus making the individual more susceptible to assimilating into the global collective.  What’s more, it was done by a government official: in this case, a member of the school system.  This represents a clear, unconstitutional — both State and national – attack on the population by the government.  At this point, if this school official is not fired without any benefits, the people of this community have the natural right to change this government.  And that change does NOT have to go through the voting process.  The people should appoint representatives, meet to debate this and whatever other issues they feel necessary, suggest changes for the people to vote on, then, if passed,  just make whatever changes  to which the people agree.  And, if the State or federal government tries to interfere with this process, the people of this community should incorporate the rest of their State or the nation – whichever is necessary – and go through the same process.

Yes, I am saying it may be time for a Third Constitutional convention.  However, if we hold one, we must be sure NOT to send ANYONE from either of the major Parties.  They are part of the problem; therefore, they couldn’t possibly be part of the solution.


This is a clear case of the government conducting a war against the people.  No nation which teaches its children to hate their nation has or will ever survive.   But then, if one side in a war refuses to fight back – or to even acknowledge they are at war – the victor is a foregone conclusion.  And, when that victorious side is central government, the result will inevitably be slavery.  Well, I – for one – refuse to go down without a fight.  I recognize we are at war against our government, and I say:


2 thoughts on “Leftist – NO! — Marxists in Texas Schools System Declare “USA, USA” Chant to be “RACIST!?”

  1. We used to own a rental house in Ventura County, this story doesn’t surprise me one bit. Many folks outside CA are not familiar with La Raza or The Race. Their slogan is “all for those in the race, nothing for those outside the race” and they are a very hostile, very powerful group. Recently, they met with CA Rep Dana Rohrabacher who opposes Amnesty and it did not go well for the Rep. He now stands accused of making adolescent illegals cry. What a bad man! So much theater!

    • Trapp,

      Now THERE are some real racist in our nation. But because they are LEFTISTS, they are protected (as was Sanger, Wilson, Truman — heck, as was a long, LONG list of Lefty-leaders).

      But then, hypocrisy is a defining characteristic of Leftist ideology.

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