MSLSD Host Proves His Bigotry on Live TV

Yes, that is what this story is really about: bigotry on the Left – especially in the pompous, self-righteous media:

MSNBC Anchor Goes on Odd Ted Nugent Rant: ‘Obsession With Fecal Matter’ — ‘Fetish’ or ‘Personal Problem?’

“Jonathan, Mr. Nugent appears to have some kind of obsession with fecal matter. Is this, do you think, a personal fetish or a personal problem?”

Capehart responded with, “Oh Lord, Martin,” then he proceeded to say that he thought Nugent’s presence in the chamber at the State of the Union was problematic and that it was representative of the poor state of public debate in America.

“I think it was reprehensible for him to be in the chamber,” Capehart said. “His presence there only — it sort of highlights just how coarse our political discourse has become.”

Now, forget about the fact that these two MSLSD idiots are bigots.  That should be a given by now.  Don’t even worry about the fact that neither of these idiots realize their conversation is true coarsness in political discourse whereas Nugents mere presence at a speech cannot possibly be because it wasn’t speech, it was attendance. What you should take from this story is how it helps to create an environment that allows people like Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Castro to come to power – and the atrocities that inevitably follow.

You see, if hate like this is actually allowed to go unchallenged, it takes on the public perception of legitimacy, which then leads to the public perception that the opposing opinion is not only wrong, but abnormal or even evil.  This is the slippery slope that leads to turning truth into lies and lies into truth.  Think about this: if an American such as Ted Nugent should be allowed to attend the President’s address because he represents an opposing opinion, then the notion of free speech is dead.

Where is the interest of the half of this nation that disagrees with Obama and his Leftist policies represented anywhere in this story?  Where is the “journalism?”  If people can be persecuted or harmed for simply holding opposing beliefs, how is that not tyranny?  What’s more, if the “media” is part of the mechanism by which such people are injured, how are they still media?  How can this story represent anything but the deliberate attempt to build public opinion against the President’s political opponents?  And isn’t that the very definition of State propaganda?

In 1930’s Germany, it was the Jew.  Today, in America, it is “the rich,” “big business” and “conservatives.”  In 1930’s Germany, it led to the State-sponsored murder of millions.  What will it lead to here?  And if you doubt this is heading in that direction, understand that these two tyrants on MSLSD are actually discussing whether or not Nugent should have the same rights they and their president have.  Once that difference is accepted, the last step to the Holocaust is extremely short — and on a VERY slippery slope.

2 thoughts on “MSLSD Host Proves His Bigotry on Live TV

  1. Hmmm, what about the illegal immigrants who were invited to the damnable speech. Or how about Obama bringing some more kids in order to provide sympathy for his gun control agenda.

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