Oh, We’re Still a Racist Nation, but that Racism is STILL on the Left!

If you know the history of racism in this nation, then you know that the connection between racism as government policy and the Left is strong – strong like the dark side of the force:



Now, here it is again: institutionalized racism in the form of a government program designed specifically for “minorities:”

Parents Complain About School Ad Excluding Whites From Tutoring Program

That is racism: racism as an official policy of the government.  So the next time some Leftist says anything to you about you being a racist stop them right in their tracks and start looking around.  If/when they ask you what you’re doing, tell them you’re looking for a mirror – so you can show them a true racist (they support the Left, they share the guilt – period).

Incidentally, when I try to explain to my Leftist friends that their political ideology is dead-on fascist, they often deny it; many times claiming they can’t be fascist because fascism requires a racist element to its ideology.  Well, here you go….


Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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