Another Pictorial History Lesson on “Progress”



For a group of “geniuses” calling themselves “Progressives,” these idiots sure seem to be stuck on re-runs of failed ideas.

4 thoughts on “Another Pictorial History Lesson on “Progress”

  1. I was watching Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House from 1948 the other day. Mr. Blandings has a discussion with his daughter at the breakfast table about progressive schooling. He’s perturbed with what he is hearing his daughter say in accord with what her progressive teacher has been telling her, and guess what? It’s the same old idea of progressivism. Teachers are still learning that Dewey is the progressive and best way to go even though he wrote his stuff 115 years ago. Sigh…

  2. That is a very telling Cartoon …. the Full version of it Shows a Cart and in it are Gov’t Apparatckiks shoveling Money out with the Caption…” Depleting the Resources of the Soundest Gov’t in the World”……and there are a Couple of characters in Graduation gowns and Caps with the Caption….” Young Pinkies from Columbia and Harvard” … they are drinking from a Bottle called “Power ” !!

    We are still dealing with all of this Communist / Progressive tahe-over Today !!

    The Progressives are working on their Long-Term Plan to Destroy ( Transform in 2008-12 speak) the USA.

  3. The idea of the socialist/communist system is a failed system. But the plans to bring it about are not failures. ‘It worked in Russia’ and many other countries over the years.

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