Does Where You Live Determine Your Political Orientation?

I’m of a mind that it does.

I have been thinking a lot recently about why it seems that there is a greater trend toward Marxist/collectivist policies than perhaps in the past. I think that the increased urbanization of America is the driver behind this trend.

It is a demonstrable fact that in an urban and suburban setting, people depend more upon public services for much of the things that facilitate their existence. Things like garbage disposal, public utilities and even immediate access to grocery stores and other commercial services insulate the suburban and urban dweller from the necessity to expend effort for these things – they exchange tax money for the public services and even though access to immediate conveniences are examples of capitalism, the creation of these entities are often not – there are many of these commercial centers that are attracted to a particular location through tax deferments and other incentives to the developers.

Since these things, especially the government services, are simply provided and the most effort that most people expend is to drag the wheelie bins out to the curb on garbage day, it is easy to see why most city dwellers think that bigger government is a good thing. Conversely, I can see where it is difficult for someone who lives 100 miles from a city with an airport with major carrier service to understand why taxes have to go up to support more government spending for public services.

Such is the division we face, and such is the effect of urbanization.

There is no question that when population reaches a certain density, there are things that the populace simply cannot do. Clearly, public sanitation is one of them but if you look at a “heat map” of the last election, you will notice that the support for liberal policies as demonstrated by the “red” vs. “blue” vote majorities, you will notice that there is a general correlation between the proximity to urban centers, counties with higher population density and the likelihood of a Democrat (liberal) majority. There are, of course, exceptions in the Border States where there is a relatively small county population and a majority of lower income people with a predisposition toward government assistance.


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I guess what I am trying to say is that when people spend their entire lives in an environment where government provides things that they don’t have to think about, it is easy to see why they think that independence and private enterprise would be a bad thing because they assume that 1) they might lose those services and 2) they would have to pay for them.

Both assumptions are patently incorrect.

Many, if not most, government entities have already turned to private companies to provide services because they can perform a particular task cheaper and more efficiently, and the idea that they aren’t already paying for these services is false, they may not write a check but they do have money withheld from their income in the form of taxes. What they would miss is the federal tax money that is collected in rural America that goes to subsidize the cost of garbage disposal in downtown New York City.

There are necessarily collectivist activities that are required in areas of high population density – but these activities should be understood as a consequence of the choice of location and lifestyle and not a political ideology that is right for all of America. What is good (and necessary) to support residing in Manhattan is not necessary for someone living on a farm in rural Texas, for example.

12 thoughts on “Does Where You Live Determine Your Political Orientation?

  1. “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

    I think, as we need to spend less and less energy on simply feeding, clothing and sheltering people, the excess time that results leads to idle hands, and idle hands to mischief that is detrimental to society (you should know the saying I’m thinking of).

    The surest “cure” for Marxism is to force those who embrace it to fend for themselves: to remove any and all forms of welfare as well as the government apparatus by which they steal from the fruits of other peoples’ labor. Do that, and they will be forced to spend their time actually feeding and clothing and sheltering themselves instead of scheming yet newer ways to justify their theft. In other words, cut them off from their hosts and they will cease to be parasites or they will die.

    • “when everyone else is doing it”;

      legitimizes the illegitimate, or desensitizes the individual’s personal sense of refraining from doing wrong or doing what’s right, difficult, or doing their best.

      Why “suffer” or “work more”if there is no “reward”, benefit, or acknowledgement to be obtained?

      I know people who were born and raised in New Orleans and immigrated to Texas after hurricane Katrina. They relate how they had no idea how bad things were as it was all they knew. They had no idea how much better life could be, until they were exposed to a different environment, culture, & mindset. They are grateful for the hurricane as it opened their eyes to a greater world with more opportunity and self determination. And they state they will never go back…

    • You are 100 % correct about the solution Joe. Cutting them off of the ability to steal others property….it NEEDS to de done !

      But the (Liberals/Democrats/Communist-Socialists)….in other words the Progressives Foot soldiers would merely view this as something being “stolen” from them……Because they view other people’s Property as theirs…..and for them “Opportunity” is the ability to enact laws that use the State Policing authority to take that property and restrict others rights.

      I know that is stark …. but I think it really is that simple at the Base of their thinking…..there IS NO common ground between us and them at a very Basic level.

  2. Natural concept leads to convergent thinking thinking oh furry one. I tend to agree with you … our regions do influence our natural concept, and thus our mental imagery. Take California for example. Their flippant ends-means philosophy creates mental imagery amongst it’s citizens … on the premise of a false syllogism to begin with.

    And we all see how they are doing. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Texans are living large, and free. Their state is doing just fine. 🙂

  3. Several years ago my husband and I moved into our Hermosa Beach house near LA to do some renovations on it. While my husband moved to LA at 14, I’d never lived there before. I enjoy fixing up houses and would get up early and paint, garden, whatever I could do while the contractors did the skilled work. Every time I did anything the neighbors would come over to see, some were in awe that I knew how to paint a room, others kept telling me “you don’t have to do this, I’ve got a guy-Jose, he’s really cheap.” When I explained I enjoyed doing the work and needed to be useful I could see they just didn’t understand. Right at the end of the project I put down grass seed, 2 weeks later my neighbor came over to admire the lawn. He said “I didn’t see the sod truck come” I told him I had not bought sod, but had used grass seed. He was stunned and said “really, you know how to grow grass”. I bit my tongue, but wanted to say….yes, I’m a real genius, I can grow grass! I could almost hear my dairy farmer grand-parents rolling over in their graves.

    No matter where you live, it is my opinion that the more you can do for yourself the better off you will be.

      • LOL, CA grows a lot of weed, but also puts out some mighty fine wine. Pot is legal here now, you can grow up to 99 plants on your property, more if you have acreage. Uh-oh, just had a little earthquake!

        • Don’t like wine or earthquakes. I was was always amazed at the nonchalant attitude when these rumblings took place. I was there for the big one….. Zoiks! I share the opinion of Caruso; I’ll never go back there again. As to wine; I got rather sauced in Napa. (No one gave me the memo that I was to spit in a bucket.) Quite frankly, I think it’s just as gross as a redneck in a movie theatre spittin his chaw in a can while you’re trying to watch a show…..

          • Kells, I’ve never spit in my life, that would be a waste of wine, which I’d never do LOL. I’ve been here since 1984 so I’m pretty used to earthquakes. I know Caruso fled the Palace Hotel in SF never to return, but most Californians do take it in stride. I grew up in the freezing Midwest and I think I’d probably choose earthquakes over blizzards.

            I was in a Hurricane in Florida once about 1979, have a picture of me in a red bikini holding onto a palm tree as the winds blew. I saved that tree for Florida!

            • All well and good Trapped …. But did you save the Bikini for use in SC or Texas…?

              Inquiring minds wanna know … ;- ) .

  4. Baltimore’s projects, the Murphy homes were torn down in 1999. I remember the press featured one inhabitant, an old woman who said
    ” I lived there for 26 years, I have a right to that home!”
    (how many generations have been raised to believe that government owes them for living? I wonder who they vote for?)
    Geographic, to a degree,
    More like bears feeding at the garbage dump.

    • “More like bears feeding at the garbage dump.”

      The problem is, Washington is trying to turn the entire nation into a garbage dump.

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