School Daze

Last night at dinner, my nephew had a story to tell. Apparently, there was another fight at his school which several children captured on their phones.

A while back ago at this school, these same shenanigans (a fight) happened and were published in the paper and broadcast on the news. The information came about through children’s cell phone images and obviously hurt the reputation of the school.

It appears as if that won’t be the case this time……..or will it?

My nephew said that they were all called to the office and told to delete whatever images they had taken on their phones. My nephew lied and said that he had not taken any pictures or video. (He’s a devil.)

Here is my question: Was the school right?  Penultimate question: Where the hello is FL? Last question: Was my nephew right?

8 thoughts on “School Daze

  1. Of course your Nephew was right. The School has no right nor authority to monitor people’s communications. Who is the principle to TELL anyone what to do in their private sphere.

    There should be ( and hopefully is ) a cell-phone recording of the Principle saying that. I am against Lawsuit abuse BIG TIME….but I would be down there with a lawyer….finding out what happened and calling other parents and asking to have group meetings to verify the Principle’s actions and words.

    My message would be…You are there to teach….keep your hands …your political views …..and your Verbal intimidations AWAY from my kids…..Don’t you threaten …OR IMPLY a threat to my kids…….Or I will spend the money to make damn sure you wish you HADN’T !!!

  2. I tell ya, Don, this is what I was talking about with C. On the one hand you’ve got a govt.-run institution which should thereby abide by the constitution and the kids’ first amendment rights, and on the other hand you have “school rules”. I do not know what the school rules are at this school, but I feel if they are allowed a cell phone in school…’s anything goes. I do not think the images they captured should’ve been confiscated.The rights of prisoners are a horse of a different coulour….

    I’m giggling now because my nephew is just like me. The sweet and normal sister had the devil children, and the devil child (me) had the sweet children; odd, but true.

    • Yes, and “School Rules” do NOT TRUMP the Constitution…..this is the Brainwashing that goes on at every level of society.

  3. I agree.
    It is unfortunate that we can’t trust those we put in charge of such institutions to do the right thing anymore. Once, morals were enough when the doors were closed. Now the video camera has become our last/best hope against authoritarian abuses.

  4. Some school districts do have rules on cell phones. I know that at my Grand Daughter’s high school, they had to turn their phones off at the opening bell and couldn’t turn them back on until the closing bell. And the middle school and elementary schools don’t allow students to have cell phones at all.

    • At my son’s school, it is the same as far as the use of cell phones are concerned. It is an interesting dilemma in my mind. When I was in school, we had guns not phones. School fights were punished with a crackin from the principal. If a child couldn’t afford a lunch, other kids always shared. These days I don’t know what the hello goes on in these halls of learning. I suppose I question how they police themselves.

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