A Thought About “You Didn’t Build That”

I’ve been thinking about our friend Karl.  He claims that the capitalist doesn’t build his factory: the workers do.  An assertion now made infamous when Obama parroted his buddy, Karl, Sr.  Well, OK, let’s accept this twisting of reality that passes for logic in the liberal mind.  Now, let’s take it to its natural conclusion.

If the workers’ labor builds the factory, and this means the factory is theirs, then who built the worker?

Ah!  Don’t dismiss me so quickly.  Who feeds these workers while they are building the factory?  The capitalist – because he pays them for that labor.

Who clothes these workers while they are building the factory? The capitalist – because he pays them for their labor.

Who shelters these workers while they build the factory?  The capitalist – because he pays them for their labor.

So who “built” the workers?  The capitalist – because he pays them for their labor.

So, keeping to this same twisted sense of reasoning, if the factory belongs to the workers because they built it, then don’t the workers now belong to the capitalist because he built them?

And if the capitalist owns the workers, doesn’t he still own the factory?  After all, if he owns the workers, he owns their property, as well.

Uh-uh-uh, not so fast!  You still can’t dismiss me.  You see, there’s more to this leftist notion of the collective.  Remember, there is no individualism in the collective – only the collective.  The individual is of no consequence: he has no will of his own, no rights save that which the central authority grants him.  And since the central authority is that which directs the labor, which – in this case — is the capitalist, then the worker has only those rights granted to him by the capitalist who owns him.  But it gets even better.  The foundation of his own argument for the collective precludes the collectivist from being able to object to any of this.  You see, he has already conceded the unquestioned authority of the capitalist.  The only catch for the collectivist is that he didn’t expect that he would be a part of the collective: he always just assumed he would be the capitalist.

Poor little collectivist: skewered by his own scheme to change reality to conform to his will.  Oh what a shock it must be when he realizes reality really doesn’t care about his will…

6 thoughts on “A Thought About “You Didn’t Build That”

  1. The real collectivist degrades quite quickly into too lazy to work. Result, no Capitalist to drive the train no factory ever gets built and the collectivist goes on welfare funded by the Capitalist. Circular Logic Paradigm. Without Capitalism the World might as well stop rotating. All we have to do is look at Obama. He hasn’t worked a day since he was elected.

  2. The arguement actually comes from the idea that taxes paid by the workers is what built the infrastructure. Now, ask the question, “where did the worker get the money to pay the taxes?” Well, he got the money from his employer in the form of wages, so did the worker pay for those things or did the employer? My point is that it doesn’t matter how we got the infrastructure, if it didn’t exist, someone would build or create it. Look at Westinghouse, Edison, Rockefeller, or any other builder that needed something. If it didn’t exist, they created it one way or another and we all benefit.

    • Bob,

      I understand the point you are trying to make about Obama’s comment, but that is NOT what he said — and it actually isn’t even the real argument, it’s only a part of it. This argument is directly derived from the Marxist notion of the worker’s labor being the source of ownership. I learned the origins of the argument Obama poorly articulated when I read “The Little Blue Book.” That’s where I learned that the argument is many, many years older than Obama’s use of it.


      • The worker…( all of us do own our own labor/ideas/intellectual property ). We exchange it for other’s Labor ( or money ).

        HOWEVER, in reality It is only a single step process, that then repeats ………
        What Obama and the marxist shysters claim is that all Social Product is owned by the “Workers” original Labor…..and that all “Labor” is equal….therefore no ownership can accrue beyond the STATE sanctioned percentage dictated to each “Worker”.

  3. The greater social environment/being, has created the world around us and ourselves. socialism is the struggle of the producers ,society, wrestling away the means of production and profit from the bourgeoisie. Our ancestors built everything we have, and in the capitalist system there was always some individual making money of the labor of our ancestors, and charging us to use and consume what we created. it is time to change this, we create, should we not own our labors. many capitalist apoligist say that the workers sell their labor to the capitalist, and are still the owners of the fruits of their labor. what a lie, if i sell my truck am i still the owner of the truck, even though someone else owns it, utilizies it and makes profit from it? Of course not, it is clear that the buyer of the truck is the new owner of the truck. why does the same logic not apply to hours of labor.

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