Obama gets the Blame — err – “Credit”

I don’t want to be accused of “Obama bashing,” so I want to give the man credit for doing what he said he wanted to do.  In this case, we can “credit” Obama for these headlines:

Gas prices rise 32 days straight…
Increase 51 cents in 2 months…

Why does Obama get the “credit?”  Because of this:

Obama: I’d like higher gas prices, just not so quickly

(watch the video in the link: Obama says this in his own words – but again, he does it indirectly.  You have to watch for how he accepts the premise of the person asking the question, and then answers in a very skillful way that clearly indicates agreement without actually saying the words himself.  This is ALL political theater and it is all scripted).

23 thoughts on “Obama gets the Blame — err – “Credit”

    • Gas was $1.87 a gallon when Obama took office. Here is a video montage. Obama consistently supports higher fuel and electricity prices. Higher costs, passed on to consumers.

  1. Joe,

    Who really benefits from higher energy costs. Could it be GE, Duke Energy and a whole list of large corporations that are signed on to his agenda. The losers are the folks and small businesses that are held up at gunpoint by this government at every turn whether it the IRS or thousands of needless regulations. Nothing to see, move along folks, its all been handled!

    • Chhelo,

      You may need to get off your center on this a bit. It is less a matter of who gains — though that is a factor — and more a matter of higher energy costs = a poorer America. It’s how they plan to “get even” with us for “stealing” our wealth from the rest of the world. You know, the same world we rebuilt after it launched 2 world wars.

    • chhelo,
      The government receives more money in taxes & fees than the providers, producers, or owners of energy products. WHY?
      (Utah has written several posts explaining the various taxes and fees charged by “government”)

      A starving populace struggling to eat and stay warm, doesn’t have time to “stand up to” dictators. When energy is 2-5 times more expensive, people are “less free” because they are barely getting by. And the costs are have a domino effect throughout the economy, resulting in fewer jobs for everyone.

      Serfs and Beggars can’t oppose the leviathan. That’s what this is about. Subjugation and control of the American people.

    • “So a five-year-old TV interview is responsible for gas prices rising now? That’s some long-term strategy!”

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that Obama has not changed his ideology much … well, except now he supports your rights to have relations and marriage with boys.

      That should make you smile big today. 🙂

  2. Disingenuous as usual ” Professor-Parson”.

    Steven Chu …Obama’s energy Secretary publically stated they wanted to restrict fossil fuel use and that $10 /gallon gas would be a step in the right direction. Gas was $ 1.87 ave before Obama was Selected …. it is now pushing $ 4.00 in many parts of the country … at the same time there is resession elsewhere in the world.

    So they are 40 % to Obama’s goal of $ 10 a gallon …. the goal of 5 years ago !!!

    • Don,

      Obama’s ignorance of economics is showing here. A very well respected economist has already made a solid case that it was less the housing bubble that crashed our economy and more the spike in gasoline that happened around the time of the crash. The higher energy costs undermined our ability to deal with the housing bubble and led to the crash. Now that gas is higher than it was then and the economy is in much worse shape than it was then, we can only imagine what is just around the corner.

      The collectivist/statist/Marxist NEVER learns from history — ever!

      • Joe, respectfully,
        Obama is NOT ignorant. O understands the results of their economic policies. They are purposely undermining the foundations of liberty and America.

        Cultural Marxism, make everyone “poor”, and they’ll peacefully give up their freedom for a few breadcrumbs.

          • The results have been the same In every place Keynesian economics have been implemented.

            We can agree to disagree. The lie are the claimed results striven for.

            No, I use to believe the Marxists were truly attempting to help everyone. No longer. Every time results are examined, honest and forthright people are personally attacked instead of discussing actual issues, problems, & results.

            Their actions are purposeful. Attack, mislead, & misdirect… These are the tactics of deceivers.

      • Absolutely Both Joe and Texas….

        O is clueless about a lot….but his handlers are NOT !…..and O does know the RESULTS of his policies even if the minutae of the mechanics are lost on his “Harvard” education.

        Joe .. Agree … the Large hidden Synthetic Derivatives ( CDOs CMO, and their even worse cousins) are more to Blame for the Housing crises along with Energy Cost spikes.

  3. Joe and Texas,

    100% agreed. Just not thinking about it that way at the time. Regardless, the goal is to make everyone other than themselves a slave to the system.

  4. I don’t think there is much, with the exception of food, that affects the middle and lower classes as much as rising gas prices. I have spoken to several other small business owners (contractors and sub-contractors) today that all agreed that either they will have to kick in a little extra into their employees paychecks or the workers will have a hard time getting to work, especially if gas gets to $5/gal. as predicted by this summer. I drive a Toyota Tundra and $5/gas will cost me $1000/month or nearly the equivalent of all of a minimum wage earners take home pay. A carpenter making $15/hr can’t afford to spend $100/week to get to the job sites and home.

    I was under the impression that when OWEbozo said that he wanted to “GROW THE MIDDLE CLASS” , he meant that he wanted to move a bunch of lower class Americans UP, not that he wanted to turn the upper class into middle-class members.

  5. Can’t wait until they move me to the high rise. Twenty floors of 1000 sq. ft. apartments with free heat in the summer and A/C in the winter. At least I’ll be in good shape running up and down the stairs because the ADA compliant elevators are down for parts. Welcome to Obama World.

  6. My brother in law in LA says gas is already $5gallon there, but he’s happy to pay it because he’s a UCLA Professor and has a PhD. He was also a Fulbright Fellow, but as we like to say in the family, he’s not even a half bright fellow😝😝😝😝😝.

        • Well …. in this sense I would call them Technicians….

          Because smarts without Wisdom and Good Common sense isn’t really Smart … it’s more clever than anything. I studied Physics and quantum field theory in my first go around…. folks used that term a lot around me … my inlaws were both Profs at UC etc… very impressed with my start in Silicon Valley etc….

          It wasn’t until I got a sense of the much wider picture … through Physics and mathematical musing oddly enough….the wider picture of that Beyond us…a sense of God if U will…It wasn’t until then…that I became “Less than Brilliant” to the Cognoscenti …a “fallen former hopeful”. What I discovered was a vast shell of superstition and vapidness surounding this Intelligencia … the mask once revealed was never able to cover them again.

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