This is How Liberty Dies

It’s NOT Congress: It’s the Would-Be Dictator-in-Chief

 We had at least one reader who seems to think I misrepresented the President’s desire in my post on Emperor Obama.  Apparently, Obama has never said anything that would lead anyone to believe that he would prefer to be dictator rather than President.  Well, I think it’s time we put this myth to rest because there is plenty of evidence that this man not only wants to be a dictator, he has already started to act like one.  Let’s start with the video that started all this:

In this clip, the President says that this has been a problem for him his entire presidency: that he is not emperor.  By saying it is a problem rather than explaining that this is the way our system was designed to work and defending that system, the President is clearly indicating that he sees our system as flawed, and that it would be better if he were emperor.  This video clearly exposes what is in the man’s heart, but it is only the latest and not the first time he has expressed this same sentiment.  Here he flat out says he will do it and is cheered by the people he says he is going to bypass:

And here, he almost says it, but he clearly indicates his willingness to go around Congress:

In this video, he almost said he wanted to go around Congress.  He was only saved by the crowd’s reaction.  And speaking of the crowd, after watching a man talk about going around Congress – in other words – committing an open act of subversion and being cheered for it, you should never again ask how Hitler could have come to power or question whether or not it could happen here.  In fact, this is how it starts: by creating the idea in the minds of the masses that the system is broke and Obama is the savior, but he has to be given “emergency power” to do so.  And that has already been suggested:

So has the idea of suspending elections so these tyrants can just do whatever they want without having to risk losing their precious elections:

Suspend Elections? Democrats Put Fascism On The Table (Advocated by a Democrat Governor)

Federal Judge Thinks Obama Should Have Bypassed Congress on Debt Ceiling

Mayor Bloomberg Urges Obama to ‘Bypass Congress’ and Impose Gun Control by ‘Executive Order’

Obama Will Bypass Congress On Climate Change

3 ways Obama could bypass Congress

Woody Allen: Make Obama a dictator

And some more from this President:

Obama rips U.S. Constitution

Faults Supreme Court for not mandating ‘redistribution of wealth’

Obama: ‘It Would be so Much Easier to be the President of China’

Obama’s Disdain for Constitution: We Know He Thinks It, Don’t We?

Michael Ledeen: “I missed this first time around. Brian Lancaster at Jumping in Pools reported on Obama’s college thesis, written when he was at Columbia. The paper was called ‘Aristocracy Reborn,’ and in the first ten pages (which were all that reporter Joe Klein — who wrote about it for Time — was permitted to see), the young Obama wrote: ‘[T]he Constitution allows for many things, but what it does not allow is the most revealing. The so-called Founders did not allow for economic freedom. While political freedom is supposedly a cornerstone of the document, the distribution of wealth is not even mentioned.

So, if Obama doesn’t believe in our system of government, why doesn’t he use the system to change it?  Why run for President instead?  That answer is easy: because, if you can make yourself into a dictator/emperor, then you are:

So enough with this Kool-Aid intoxicated notion that this man doesn’t want to be a dictator, or that he doesn’t want to destroy what’s left of this nation as it was founded.  The evidence is clear that this is exactly what he wants, and he has said so.  What’s more, about half of this nation is cheering him on.  So, again, I say never question how Hitler came to power, and never – but never tell me it can’t happen here – because it is happening as we speak:

22 thoughts on “This is How Liberty Dies

    • I’m small fries, and he hasn’t reached the point where he can openly do so — but he might. Woodrow Wilson did, and so did FDR.

      But what is REALLY interesting is that you posted your comment before you could POSSIBLY have read my post. Obviously, you are among the Kool-Aid intoxicated. 😉

        • Sean,

          It would have taken you MUCH longer than it di to have read all the supporting evidence. Just one of the clips I posted was longer than the time between when I posted and you replied, and you can’t read faster than the clip plays. So, please, sip your Kool-Aid and deal with the objective fact that you did NOT have time to even read/view the total post before you replied. 🙂

          • You got me on the videos! I read every word, but didn’t watch all of the videos – which I have seen most of. Either way, you have yourself a new follower. We probably disagree on just about every issue, but I think your site will make for an interesting read!

              • I’m glad you did the leg work. I was beginning to grind my teeth with Ed…… I mean, Jaysus! Sometimes I just wanna slap the rose-coloured glasses from their faces! Must calm down…………Need chocolate. Perhaps I am more aggravated because it is that time of the month. Ya know, come to think of it, that little jerkasaures needs to bleed for a week every month. Why? Because fu*k him, that’s why!

    • Things happen in Stages ….. Joe has been high-lighting the Stages as they occured in Germany, Russia and Italy.

      Do you wait for Tyrannical, Dictatorial control to be in full bloom Sean ? …. Then you can say….”O Yeah… I guess they were right….Oh Well “.

      Seriously Sean….You need to “Get a Grip “….on the processes that are happening before our eyes.

        • sean,

          The stage has already been set for Obama to run again, so don’t start counting your chickens.

          Now, as for that 4 year thing: if you knew what I was saying 4 years ago, you would know that much of it is now reality. I have a pretty darn good track record here, but it isn’t anything special. I just accept that human nature doesn’t change, then I look to history and apply the lessons to current events. All you have to do from there is connect the dots.

          This started a long time ago, but this “final push” began under “W” (yes, I hate him, too — because he is also a Progressive). Obama is just trying to take it over the finish line. But make no mistake: neither “W” nor Obama are really driving this agenda. That is being done by the kingmakers behind the scenes.

        • We’re talking NOW … because the damage to the Constitution is being done now …. ruling by executive orders etc. If Bush had gone around the Congress as many times as Obama with Executive Orders your side would have been Screaming Bloody Murder.

          Your comment also basically repeated your point and ignored mine …. do you wait until freedoms are lost and then say …” OK I guess you were right “. Also in 4 years it doesn’t matter who is president if Laws are passed that circumvent the Bill of Rights and the Constitution……. If you have perused this site you would see we are none to pleased with the Standard Business as usual GOP at all……who are enabling this Facist in the WH.

          Finally …. why do you feel it necessary to malign and use hate-speech ( Paranoia etc…) ….. Because Jon Stewart does ? So you feel you must oblige instead of discuss on merits ??

            • Bush did not declare himself power to kill without due process. I could care less how many, I care more about what they say. That you would say a man who write 1,000,000 million EO directing how the flowers on 16th Ave should be cut means he is more of a tyrant than a man who issues 1 making himself dictator says a great deal more about you than me. That you do not understand this cements the implication.

            • That’s NOT what I wrote !……Bush did not write an Executive Order to “Go around the Congress” to circumvent a bill already rejected TWICE…ala the Dream Act ! As one example.

              You prove you don’t READ….. but try and warp things to your agenda …. that is not discussion, but rather Ideological Bias and when published on your blog…Propaganda.

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  2. Freedom and liberty will die when a communist is leading the show. He will continue and it will get much worse. He only has 4 years to totally destroy the USA. At that point his real identity will emerge. Could be a communist or a muslim either way we are toast.

  3. Sean,

    I don’t think the number of executive orders has anything to do with the direction they take the country. Its the contents that count and from what I see we have a President acting as a Tyrant. You know deep down in the recesses of your mind exactly what Obama hopes to accomplish whether it is constitutional or not. In the event the Republicans loose the House in 2014 you will really see things heat up. If you have children and grand children be afraid.

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