Joe Bakanovic: Speaker of Truth

Joe frequently quotes his “180 Degree Rule” in response to attacks from the reality-challenged moonbat left, this being the tendency of liberals and progressives to display the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude as they lecture everybody else on how to live, what to eat and what to think.

It is an important recognition.

One of the tropes that are trotted out for use against the right wing of politics is that we are all brainwashed and enslaved by the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the “banksters” on Wall Street, the big corporations and “the rich” with our prime motivations being the pursuit of profit and protection of “the rich” even as they take abuse advantage of us. In their minds, we are the ignorant rubes who are being controlled by the rich and powerful and their motives are the purest of motives, unadulterated by the influence of “the rich”.

I’ve been thinking – I know, a very difficult thing for a classic liberal to do with his small, furry mind but I’ve been working up to it – and I wonder if it is true that the political left isn’t seduced by wealth and power after all. If so, then their rants and raves are nothing but faux populism and they are the ones who are the dupes.

There is a pretty large trove of information that would indicate that is the case.

For over four years, I’ve watched as the most powerful political progressive in the US, President Obama, talked about how the American public must accept sacrifice…and then go on vacations costing millions of taxpayer dollars. I’ve watched as he claimed that he “…will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again and people have work again” and then hit the links for a little R&R (actually a LOT of R&R). I watched as he formed the sham that was his Jobs Council, then not meet with them in 2012 and disband them in 2013 when their political expediency was no longer valuable and he no longer needed to maintain the illusion after his re-election in 2012.

During the election, I watched as Ann Romney was vilified as an “out of touch rich woman” for wearing a $900 blouse as Michelle Obama was praised as a fashion maven for wearing a $6800 blazer (not to mention the multiple $2000 cardigans and the $540 designer sneakers she wore to a soup kitchen). I watched as Mitt Romney was attacked for his income even as his gifts to charity and his personal service to his fellow man overwhelmingly dwarfed those of his opponents.

I watched as George Bush was harangued for the “crime” of holding inauguration celebrations in 2005 as war raged while in 2009 and 2013, Obama’s profligate celebration spending was praised.

I’ve watched as the administration and the media proclaims that the economy is in recovery as over 23 million people can’t find work. I’ve watched as they proclaimed to be reducing the unemployment rate and ignore that the real cause of the decline is that 8.5 million people gave up looking for work. I’ve watched as GDP numbers are produced showing a positive trend, only to be revised downward after they have lost value as supportive headlines.

I’ve watched as prominent progressive Democrats attacked Wall Street and hedge fund managers via George Soros funded progressive attack dogs and Internet disinformation/propaganda sites (like Media Matters for America and Alternet), all dedicated to assailing conservatives and free markets – even as Soros used the very strategies and institutions he attacks to reap a cool $1 billion in the currency markets.

I’ve watched as Obama was reported to be in direct and constant communication during one of the greatest foreign policy disasters since 9/11, the murder of our diplomats in Benghazi, only to find out later that he was totally disconnected and preferred to campaign in Vegas rather than execute his responsibilities.

I’ve watched as Obama claims to cut spending while racking up record deficits and debt. I’ve watched as deregulation under Bush was blamed for the economic issues that Obama inherited even as research shows that the Community Reinvestment Act and Democrat pressure on the financial industry caused it. It is also a fact that for 6 years, President Bush warned that the government was courting disaster and tried to increase regulation – only to be rebuffed by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

We have witnessed what could go down in history as the most dishonest, the most diversionary and duplicitous political period of all times. The cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and selective memory required to fuel today’s Democrat Party and keep them in power is nothing short of stunning. I truly hope that something that Herb Stein said will apply (Stein was a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Nixon and Ford):

If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.

Sooner or later, the lies will be overcome with the truth. Such is the nature of propaganda, it is a temporary condition that cannot withstand the relentless march of time.

3 thoughts on “Joe Bakanovic: Speaker of Truth

  1. Yetis must have the minds of elephants to remember all of these transgressions. You know you would be fabulous on stage…..after I waxed you. Boys seem to have an aversion to that. Yes, I can make a grown man cry……especially B.

    P.S. When you do a post on me, can you title it Spanker of Truth?

    • With Progressive Multi-Billionares like Buffet, Bill Gates and John Kerry (Heinz), Denise Rich ….and multi-millionaires like Oprah, George Cluny ad nauseum … it is more than obvious that the Political Left is Seduced by Wealth and Power……Multi Billionare Politicians like Diane Feinstein only add insult to injury with their constant phoney appeal to populism….while their Low-info voters hypocritically condem Money on the Right and worship Money on the Left.

      Kells…..The Liberal Press already owns the title of…. SPANKERS-OF-THE-TRUTH.

  2. ” I’ve watched as they proclaimed to be reducing the unemployment rate and ignore that the real cause of the decline is that 8.5 million people gave up looking for work. ”
    They also never mention that the “employment numbers” are skewed because many seniors CAN”T RETIRE because the catastrophes of the OWEbozo regime have made abandoning a paycheck impossible for them.
    The “I will not rest” BS, is one of the biggest lies he has told.
    The Benghazi fail by OWEbozo was typical of someone that has far more important things to do than protect Americans from terrorism, at least in his own screwed up mind.
    Spending to cut the deficit is also typical of someone that has NEVER ran a business.
    I am certain that all administrations try to hide anything that would make them look bad, but this POTUS has apparently been far more inefficient at it or has had to do it more than any other in my lifetime.

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