Sesame Street Games with the Headlines

Let’s play a little Sesame Street game with today’s headlines.  Do you know how these stories:

Why Is Mexico Asking the U.S. Senate for a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners?

‘Orwellian’: Proposed Gun Law in Washington State Calls on Police to Inspect the Homes of ‘Assault Weapon’ Owners

Knee-Jerk Reaction? Maryland County Bans All Gun Shows Indefinitely

This Colorado Democrat Thinks Women Shouldn’t Have Guns on College Campuses — The Reason Why Is Causing a Stir

FDA Urged to Regulate Product That Acts Like a ‘Slow-Acting But Ruthlessly Efficient Bioweapon’ … Soda

Are connected directly to these?

Higher Education: Ivy League Prof Strips Down to Underwear and Plays Footage of 9/11, Hitler on First Day of Quantum Physics Course

College: Fire professor who forced students to vote for Obama

Is TV’s New Cold-War Spy Thriller Anti-American? Producer Admits ‘We Want You to Root for the KGB’

‘Obama Is a Master at Limiting, Shaping and Manipulating Media Coverage’: The 10 Most Scathing Remarks From Politico’s Anti-Obama Media Column

Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining

Many people will not see the connection between these stories, nor would they understand them if they were explained – which is actually one of the primary connections.


[Note: in case you need a hint to figure it out, try “Dewey, Lippmann, Bernays”]

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