Time to Chose: Stay with the S.S. Ameritanic, or Secede from this Sinking Ship?

Which do you love more: The U.S., or liberty?  Whether you like it or not, I think the time has finally arrived where we all have to make this decision.  The divide in this nation has reached a point where it can no longer be bridged.  The divide is simply too great.  Half of the country now lives off the other half and has no reason to change.  Instead, they have every reason to increase their oppression of the half being forced to support them.  Slavery has returned to America – just as Franklin said it would as soon as the people realized they could vote themselves other peoples’ money.  What’s more, the half who are now the slave masters have rationalized their actions: they’re convinced they are morally justified in trampling the rights of others – especially the minority groups they created (i.e. “the rich,” “Conservatives,” etc).  And the resulting policies have bankrupted the nation and will soon drag us into total collapse and, finally, ruin – which is exactly what the leaders of these new slave masters say they want: the destruction of this nation as founded.  The only way to save the union is to eliminate the new slave masters and their leaders, and there is no way to do that without massive bloodshed on both sides.  So, I ask you again: do you want to stay with a doomed nation merely for the sake of keeping the union together, or are you ready to face the hard reality that preserving individual rights and liberty will mean facing the reality of secession?

An RNL reader recently had a discussion with me about what we do when the government finally gets around to coming for our weapons, and I told him I no longer thought we were the people we would need to be to successfully defend ourselves.  I still don’t – not if we’re talking about the nation as a whole.  Taken as a national populace, any attempt to defend ourselves from such a government transgression would end in the French Revolution, not the American.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  There doesn’t have to be any violence at all.  Those of us who still embrace the ideals and principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the rule of law that is our Constitution can take both and go our separate ways.  The rest of the nation, the part that believes in big government and social justice would then be free to go theirs.  This way, there would be no cause for violence – unless one side wanted to affirm the accusations of the other and resort to the aggressive use of violence to force the other side to stay with the union (a la President Lincoln).

So, I propose that we do just this: vote – State by State – on secession.  It’s actually permitted by the Constitution.  The founders – you know, they guys who actually wrote the document – said that the States retained the right to leave the union (incidentally, this is a direct condemnation of Lincoln).  Those States whose people want to retain their government welfare; social justice and government-granted privileges can vote to remain with the Union.  Those whose people chose to retain a constitutional republican form of government as well as individual rights and liberty can vote to secede.  Both sides will then hold themselves bound to the results.  After all, if the States are sovereign, they have the right to control their own destiny – including whether or not they secede from the union.  The only thing the people of those States that vote to secede need to understand is that they will NOT retain their government welfare programs in the new nation formed by the States that’s secede.  If an individual wishes to continue drawing social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc, they will need to move to one of the States that remain in the union.  Conversely, those citizens who did not wish to remain in the union would have to move out of its border.  In both cases, this might require them to abandon any property they may own in whatever region they are fleeing.  Every citizen will need to factor all of these things in to their personal decision as to which side they choose.

There would then be an added benefit to this move.  After the vote is made and the people move according to the results of the vote and their personal desires, we could then assume that each new nation will be composed of like-minded people.  This should provide an immediate measure of harmony in each new nation.  Presumably, this should end the conflict between each side that now exists in our society.  But more importantly, if one side should then seek to force its will on the other, that side would have to initiate the use of force against the other.  At that point, the character of each side would decide the outcome of the conflict, and here is where things would have changed from the way they are now.

If those of us who wish to retain the ideals and principles of our founding are correct, we will suddenly find ourselves in a much different society: a society where we actually live our ideals.  We would have a better understanding of the principles of liberty, as well as our duty to our society imparted by those principles.  What’s more, if attacked by the people of the old union, we could then legitimately claim the right of self-defense in resisting that attack.  And, if we are correct about whom we claim to be as individuals, we might even be of sufficient faith and character to succeed in defending ourselves.  And if we did, it would be a righteous use of force as we will not have started it, nor would we continue the violence should the other side withdraw.  It would be they who start the violence.

This is where I think we are as a nation, and this is the only solution I can see that offers any chance of a peaceful resolution.  Trying to “educate” the masses is not going to work.  There is no time left, and – even if there were – the organization we face is too firmly ensconced.   They control the very social institutions we would need to change the hearts and minds of the next generations, and they will not relinquish that control without a fight: a fight I am specifically trying to avoid.  So, the choice is clear.  Do we stick with a doomed nation for the sake of nostalgia, or do we face the reality in which we live and start petitioning our State governments to vote on secession?

I am dead serious about this.

34 thoughts on “Time to Chose: Stay with the S.S. Ameritanic, or Secede from this Sinking Ship?

  1. Joe, my husband and I discuss what will become of this country daily. We are so certain some sort of fracture will occur that we are selling everything we own in CA and moving. Where to move is a bit harder. So far we are considering SC or TX. This is a major move for us as we are middle-aged and it will be our last so it is imperative that we choose wisely.

    Anyone have any advice for us about where we should relocate?

    • Trapp,

      I would honestly and seriously suggest you keep a couple things in mind when you make your choice.

      1 — try to move to a location where they still have strong religious sentiments.

      2 — look for a place where, if necessary, you can better live off the land.

      3 — keep in mind that electricity and gas may be VERY expensive in the future. Keep climate in mind.

      That’s about all I have, sorry.

      • Please don’t be sorry, I appreciate your input. I had not considered #1 so I will incorporate that advice. My husbands cousin is a Pastor in Charleston area and we thought it would be a plus to be near family, but hadn’t considered the religious aspects.

        Ross, I luv TExas, their fierce independence always makes me feel right at home, but I am concerned about their Mexican border and all the crazy Californians that have moved there. I think Texas should stop People coming from CA at the border and only let the “right ones” in.

    • You probably need to take some extended trips to Both States and travel a bit to see for yourself what attitudes are. Around Austin and Texas major cities you find the Liberal collecting—(The Collective ??)…..but in the smaller towns and smaller Cities you find Religion and Free thinkers.

      The same may be found in SC too …. We found Charleston to be wonderful…. but also full of Liberals for instance ( more than we’d suspected prior to visiting). But being around family can be important ….. does his Cousin’s family share your values ? If so ask the Paster what the environment is like RE : Liberalism, and wrt local Taxing , Bond issues … that can tell you a lot about who’s in charge and what the priorities are……..Are there endless appeals to “Fund the Schools” and do they succeed. If they do , you are likely to be moving into a slower repeat of Calif…….If not then Conservative values are actually reflected in the local Fiscal reponse of Local Gov’t….this can Tell youi a lot !

      • Don,

        Tell me where you find Liberal/Progressives outside of any major city. The key point is to note that major cities are a per-requisit to liberal/progressivism. They need the heavy industrial system that allows them to make huge amounts of money with little effort so they have the free time necessary to push their ideas (or other peoples’ money).

        If they were shoved into the rural communities, they would quickly become “conservative” — or starve 😉

        • I thought I kinda said that about the Major cities….

          But to answer your question…. In Rural New Mexico and in some parts of Arizona and in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas….this probaby because of the Demogrphics of Illegal Aliens there….but the politics there are effectively broken and Liberal.

          BTW Rush today was pretty Darn Clear about the Similarity between the Democrats and Republicans who he said both “wanted to Maintain Bigger Gov’t”…and he uses the term “Ruling Class ” ….. It was good to hear.

          • Don,

            Yes, I heard Rush. But I also heard him say he has no explanation and that “they’re stupid” is too easy. Then he complained that the Republicans “just keep falling for this stuff.”

            He either refuses to accept reality (i.e. Glenn Beck and the work he has done on Progressives), or Rush knows damned well what is going on and is carefully creating an outlet for our frustration that still keeps us on the reservation.

            • I don’t see it that way … he is injecting the idea into those “on the reservation” that there is no difference between the GOP and Democrats……Which is VERY different than a couple of years ago. Thus it becomes part of the Dialogue amongst the “reservation set” and folks such as yourself………….a very different ” common ground” than even a year and a half ago.

              • Don,

                Yes, but he ended his piece on that issue back with “I don’t understand why the Republicans keep falling for this.” That is a form of “saying it without saying it.” He is intentionally leaving his audience with the impression that he thinks the Republicans are just stupid.

                Now, the question YOU have to ask and answer is this: do you REALLY think Rush believes they are stupid, or do you think Rush understands exactly why the Republicans are doing this? And if he does, why not start explaining THAT to his audience — like Glenn did?

                (Hint: the answer lies in his bank account 😉 )

                • Glenn made more last year than Rush did….according to Forbes. Also I think the threat of the re-introduction of the “Fairness Doctrine (act) ” is more a Part of it.

                  But yes I believe Rush knows that Glenn is right.

                  • Don,

                    OK, so what does it tell us that Rush will not explain this to his audience? Why won’t he even use the term Progressive (except in passing)? Why does he insist on referring to them as liberals and “Rockefeller blue-bloods?”

                • The Rockefeller Blue-bloods is a direct reference to the War within the GOP between the Rockefeller camp and the Goldwater-Reagan camp…..the GOP HATES Conservatives…..and I think that focus is what he is refering to.

                  I think he uses the term Liberal because he makes a big distinction between the LEFT / Socialists and the Conservative right……and the Democrat / Liberal Party is somewhat SELF-defined…..so he uses the Common term accepted by Both the Right and Left.

                  • Don,

                    And that insulates the Progressives within the Republican Party. Think about it: how would it go over if — instead of blue-bloods — Rush used the term Republican Liberals? And his audience knew he meant Liberal as in SAME AS DEMOCRAT LIBERAL?

                    I understand Limbaugh has helped educate us, and we have a natural affinity for and compulsion to defend him, but words mean things — and the words he chooses tell us just as much. Now that I understand the issue of Progressivism, I distrust EVERYONE who knows the issue as well but refuses to discuss it in terms of what it really is. That sets off my bat signal because I have learned that is a Progressive technique, itself.

                • I also think it would be good if he sounded more like Levin.

                  But he is CONSTANTLY dissing the GOP leadership…..and speaking WELL STILL of Palin, and recently of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, praising their speeches…….I think it is clear Rush is NOT in the camp of the Republican Progressives. I think he doesn’t feel there is any chance to Stop the Liberal Left without a strong ORGANIZED party to counter them….That’s why he constantly talks well of the TP….he is hoping the TP ( Constitutionally motivated people) will Take over the GOP as a Majority.

                  When he says “Ruling Class” his IS saying they are all the Same…..He doesn’t use the term Progressive that’s true…..But his Connections..: Left / Liberal = Democrat = Socialist = Communist are where his emphasis is….by saying the GOP Blue-bloods are like the Democrats , just at a slower pace he IS equating the GOP leadership with those Liberals..Communists.

                  • Don,

                    I get it. But he might as well be advocating the TP try taking over the Democrat Party. Actually, that would have MORE chance of success as it might water down the Party’s voting block.

                    The point is, when he advocates doing the same thing over and over again in hopes that “this time” things will be different, he is playing to the Progressives.

                    Did you listen to him today? Did you hear him crying about the same old argument over and over again — and how he falls for it every time? Well, why is he then pushing the same old argument on his audience?

                    If he REALLY means it, he would take his own advice and get behind a second Party alternative (note: there is only 1 Party, and recent events has pretty much confirmed that to anyone who has been watching).

                • I think it’s proved it self to him.

                  The TP breaking the Democrats voting Block …. THAT is actually a very interesting Idea !!!

  2. I vote for Texas; though living and working in Florida. Can’t go home just now. The warrants have not expired. ” All my exes live in Texas”.

  3. Our Constitution allows the citizenry to ‘end’ their government and recreate… not sure how we’d go about it, but with 51% of voters as ignorant, stupid, lazy and greedy as they are, could there be even a chance? We need strong Conservative leadership, and we only have a literal handful — Ted Cruz being one. I don’t see much hope beside prayer.

    • Righty,

      If we try to save the whole nation, we hold a third constitutional convention. But, as you say, trying to do that would likely result in a socialist nation.

      At the same time, clinging to the Republican Party is going to get you to the same location. Have you noticed the Republicans are campaigning against the sequester? Well, the sequester is just cuts to the INCREASE in spending — not REAL cuts. So where and when is the Republican Party ever going to support — REALLY support small government?

      We complain about how often the Left falls for the lies of their leaders, yet we never see the lies our owns “side” tell us. You know why? 😉

      • yes, the Repub’s are definitely a huge part of the national problem — they’re corrupted themselves and a little more than moderate democrats. I don’t see any or many states choose to secede … and we know what the Fed gov. under a slug like BO would do. All out war.

        • Righty,

          Well, if that were the result, then at least we would be justified in organizing a defense. But so long as we remain part of the union and do not try to withdraw, we would NOT be justified in defending ourselves. In that case, we would have to surrender our weapons and go peacefully to the trains…

          • According to the newest Dem’s “agenda”, we won’t surrender, they’ll be “confiscated” in a “buy back program” (communist never did, they just trade teams). Also one state introduced a bill to allow “law enforcement to enter our homes to see if guns are in a “safe” place”. Conservative will have a better chance to move to Conserv. controlled states and tell the federales to GTH.

    • Right-Pundit,

      Hope may lie in the % of the population that didn’t vote … discusted with the choices and process. Of the elligible voters Obama was voted in by Only bout 26 % of those elligible…..and only by about 3.7 -4.5 million votes over Romney. Remember 5 million who voted for the Commie Fraud in 2008…DID NOT VOTE for him in 2012……70.5 million (2008) versus 65 6 million (2012).

      It’s possible Popular Sentiment amongst the 74 % of other voters will turn sour on what is happening.

      • The ‘Repub base’ who chose not to vote, gave us Barack Hussein, so I have little to no respect for their actions. Attempting to “make a point” to the fool moderates of the Repub Party was destructive and idiotic. Were it not for them staying home, BO would be in Chicago. Our nation is all but finished as the great nation it was established — God is still in control but we’re likely to see many bad days and years ago. I pray for our youth and children who will likely never know what Liberty is.

        • I agree with you mostly….

          But remember Romney actually got MORE votes than McCain …. also the Voters who voted for the Liberatrian ( almost 1.5 million ) should be added to your “Repub Base’ that stayed home too.

  4. Oh sure, secession. Give the progressives exactly what they want so they can impose martial law and make slaves of everyone. What is really needed is to fight to get into the media and expose these people for th efrauds they are. Start with things like the fact that while they lowered income tax for people, payroll taxes went up. And beat them over the head with that until the bleed. Saul Alinskys most important rule. Make your enemies live up to their own standards and scream until you are listened to. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil. And when they go to shut you up, you scream louder and point out that their attacks are proof that you are right!

    • I agree with you about getting in to the Media….and “SCREAMING” loudly until we are listened too. But it has to start happening….we don’ty have time Create this from scratch…..we don’t have Decades Bob….we need things to start changing NOW.

      But I do agree this would have a HUGE affect …. How do you propose it be done…. the Major Media outlets are owned by the Leftist of the Left Progressives.

    • Bob,

      OK, we’ll do it your way — which IS giving the Progressives what they want. STOP! Don’t get angry with me. Not yet. First, ask yourself why this hasn’t done any good already — because we HAVE been trying to do all this stuff you mentioned. Where has it gotten us? Further to the Left. So, why do you think the Progressive way of “Just do MORE of it” is going to change anything?

      Do you know what Einstein called doing the same thing and expecting a different result? 😉

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