After reading a comment from sweet Don, it set my mind off on a tangent. (This is always the case when you’re red on the head with blond roots.) Anyhow, we were chatting about Cookie Monster, er, Michelle Obama, and it got me to thinking of the FLOTUS’s and POTUS’s separate vacations.

Apparently, Obama played golf with Tiger in south FL, and Michelle and the girls went out west to ski. Obviously, the folks that paid for these weekend-jaunt “vacations” also fund the real Cookie Monster.

Oddly enough, what struck me about this story was not that we’re funding it, (that’s a given) but that a family was taking separate vacations (on someone else’s dime, nonetheless.)

Maybe I’m a freak of nature, but I’ve not vacationed without my family. Don’t get me wrong; I have sung at weddings out of town on my own. I have dealt with work out of town on my own. Admittedly, I have skipped out on weekend jaunts with the boys (primarily because roller coasters and heights are not my cup of tea,) but I didn’t go do my own thang on the side…….unless Marco was in town…..

Just out of curiosity……Do you take separate vacations?


26 thoughts on “Vacations

  1. Yes. We take separate vacations and together vacations. He likes to fight with foam swords, and I like to hang out with my friends from back home, and we prefer to do those separately. When we vacation together, we camp, hike, play tourist – things we both like to do. We don’t have kids at home anymore though, and that probably makes a big difference.

    • Are you tellin me you don’t like to fight with foam swords??!!! I’m seriously wondering about you now, C.! I guess you’re a light saber girl. That must be what all your friends have.

      • Me and my friends hang out in the Stagger Inn while my husband, the General of The Army of Mordor, leads the other bad guys into battle against the elves for control of Middle Earth. I trade in my foam sword for the stripper pole at the Stagger Inn. TMI?

  2. My Wife takes trips with our college age Girls, meeting up in exotic locations that always somehow manage to have Shoe Stores…..In between they all Skype about who’s cute , who’s not…and show off more shoes……So I take mini-vacations at the range. Does that count ?

    Scribe….”no kids at home anymore..”?…you still look like a Kitten yourself…. :- ) .

    And … I ain’t sweet !!

    (psst…..Kells…I mean really I do have a reputation to keep……Sheeesh ! )

    • He is the RNL’s Don Giovanni. Beware. He keeps insisting that I put down my letter to the RNC and post nudie pics instead! He tells me this is for the greater good of the Republican party, but I don’t know if I can trust anything from his mouth. Besides; the RNC needs to get a nice healthy dose of Kells……..or I will drop them.

        • Currently, it would be for the greater good of mankind were I to write a letter. Not because I’m jiggly, but because I’m jiggly. Well, at least I’ll play with foam swords for cryin out loud!

          Seriously, the RNC letter needs a reponse. Will they respond? That should be interesting to see. My congressmen don’t….well, they do, but they send a stupid-ass form letter which has obviously been written by someone else. I shall become an Independent if they do not address my replies to their silly questionaire. The chosen one indeed! (That’s the bullshit they tried to feed me.) Yes, you may now refer to me as……….the Chosen One.

        • How did you know I waterski in a tutu? You are a Giovanni! I was entranced by Hong’s instrument. I love Terfel (even though he’s a bit of a piggy-pie here….)

          I mustn’t drop the RNC as they told me I am the Chosen One. I have responsibilities, Don.

  3. Sometimes work constraints ment that I had to stay and work while I sent my wife and Son on vacation, usually with her sister.
    (Cancel vacation to fix a problem… do you think that idea ever crossed obama’s mind?)

  4. Since the kids are gone vacations are together with my wife. If the kids want to go the more the merrier. Of to Vegas the first of March and daughter, son in law and kids meeting us their. Family is great.

  5. Reblogged this on GEOENGINEERED WORLD and commented:
    Doubling the money cost to their having fun at taxpayer expense. 3 F-16’s sent on missions in Florida to watch over flight paths deciated from original ones, at great cost to us all. Obama sends drones with weapons ready to assassinate us all any time he chooses, anyone in his administration at all can do it, as often as they like, some known terrorists included! Also 800 professional assassins sent out weeks ago said to go out in a few short days, but tons of people are missing without evidence, suicided even when they state they will never perish that way, and killed at point blank by ruthless guile filled trash. The list of killed people who cared about people, life, earth, family and God is ever larger by the day. Best of the best in all areas of every catagory of science, medicine, education, you name it they’re gone…if not gone they are spied on and threatened by weaponized drones, such as myself and family, who have been harassed by the US Military drones for over a year. Circling our home night and day with their spying and loaded drones…This has left my life in the shelter of God’s wings alone and nothing else. Every breath we take we know is that of God’s within our hearts. The black hawk choppers hovering over our home and making our home their flight path whenever I say any controversial thing at all…This is not America, this is worse than anything presently…We need to Get God back in the hearts of mankind here in the USA and the world. We won’t be intimidated and threatened that we must be Muslim or die, not speak of the atrocities of the Muslim Islam religion with CIA induced UN Shariah Law which practices slavery for the last thousands and thousands of years even to this day. Muslim polygamy and pedophilia are rampant, and women are slaves twice the amount of man. 35 Million slaves were under Muslim rule, the death toll for that amount of slavery was about 1/2 Billion men and women that DIED in transit, or because it suited them to do so because they wanted the women and not the men to deal with. We all need to pray non stop for peace and not tollerate a Muslim religion that the UN is trying to impose upon us to extract eternal civil and world wars because it brings them eternal profits and assets. Who else would bring humanity into the bondage of illegal slavery worldwide by labeling humans as individual corporations, then lasso us all in a giant illegal contract and say they own us all in the NWO CIA controlled UN…Total jerk idiots would think to do this, total numbskulls might conjur this atrocity up in their insane minds, but to think that they would try to do it and actually almost get away with it is absolutely unbelievable!

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