Name That Crazy (censored) Liberal: Week 3

This weeks crazy (censored) liberal hails from Chicago. Born in 1959 to wealth, this (censored) liberal obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University and J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford University. Counted upon as a confidant by Rahm Emanuel, this obviously crazy (censored) liberal is said to be a candidate for the Commerce Dept.

But without any due surprise, this crazy (censored) liberal was a key fundraiser for Barack Obama’s presidential run in 2008.

Notable accomplishments:

– gained criticism from the Chicago Teachers Union during the recent strike, the group also criticized this crazy (censored) liberal, who serves on the Chicago School Board.
– served as chairperson for Obama’s campaign finance team in 2008
– sold control of industrial conglomerate Marmon Holdings to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire – Hathaway for $4.5 billion
– managed to cause the failure of Superior Bank secondary to aggressively pursuing sub-prime loans, but managed to slide out of a FDIC prosecution by paying only $460 million dollars to cover some of the losses.

Quite a colorful resume. Can you name this weeks “crazy (censored) liberal”?

(no Googling … I made it easy enough already). 🙂

18 thoughts on “Name That Crazy (censored) Liberal: Week 3

  1. I can’t remember his name … but he owns the / org brand … and has a Business in China … and was funneleing Chinese Gov’t $$ to the Obama 2012 campaign ??

  2. Didn’t Valerie Jarrett hire Mrs O? Wasn’t Val born in Iran or did she just grow up there? It can’t be her, right?

  3. Well, I wanted to test your brains, but not stump anyone. For this, I feel bad.

    In the sake of keeping this weekly thing fun …..

    Penny Pritzker

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