So You Say you’re ready to Resist Tyranny. Oh, Really?

Do you know the principles of liberty?  If you think you do, then do you agree with this statement?


And can you explain how that statement is reflected in this flag?


Do you even know what the second Amendment is really all about?  Here’s a hint:


Now, can you tell me what this picture depicts?


I have been reading a lot of blog posts on the internet, many of them by people boasting about how they are ready to re-enact the event in that picture by resisting the government with force when they finally come to take their weapons.  Well, hard as this is for me to say, I don’t believe them, and here’s why:

Look at that picture again.  Tell me what – no, tell me who you see on the ground.  Now, how many of those people boasting on the internet are ready to take the place of one of those patriots in that picture – the ones on the ground.  Before you answer, ask yourself an important question:

If we claim to stand for the Constitution and the individual rights and liberties it was meant to protect, but we buy Coke and Pepsi, Apple and Microsoft products, Shop at target, use a Kindle Fire or spend our money with any number of corporations that are actively using our money to undermine that same constitution and erode the rights it is meant to protect, then why should anyone believe we would be ready to die for those rights and liberties?

If you would defend your rights and liberty, you must understand that:


When you stop paying your taxes; when you stop spending money with corporations that use your money to subvert the constitution; when you start smuggling weapons to your fellow patriots who are stuck behind the iron curtain of Progressive legislation; then others might have reason to believe you would die for their liberty – but not until you show them you are willing to pay a lesser price for that same goal.

So, if you understand that the principles of liberty start with that first picture I posted, then you should understand that, if we want to save our liberty, we must first:


After all, that’s how the founder’s started:


[Note: the prayer depicted in that last picture was reported to have lasted three hours.  I wonder, how many of us can pray for three minutes?  Are you starting to understand the foundation for my concern yet?]

29 thoughts on “So You Say you’re ready to Resist Tyranny. Oh, Really?

  1. Where did your SS Ameritanic thread go ??

    The flag means… If you step on me .I’ll bite you in your Keester …. venom will be injected….you’ll swell up and die…and you won’t be able to collect all the Gov’t freebees you’re counting on……oh and George the 3rd Sucks !!

    Right ?

  2. I’d like to stop paying my taxes, but I haven’t figured out how to get my employer to stop taking them out of my paycheck. That’s number one.

    And, I’ve already stated that I’m not ready to start shooting yet. Our Founders negotiated for a long time before they gave up hope of a peaceful solution and we should follow their example. Am I willing to take my place on that bridge when the time comes? I think so, but we’ll have to see when the time comes because stone hearts grow feet of clay when blood starts flowing.

    Here in Alaska, our legislature is advancing what our Attorney General says is an unconstitutional bill. I’m not sure if he means the US Constitution or the Alaskan constitution. I don’t see it as unconstitutional either way and I don’t care if it is. Basically, the bill says the Alaska State Troopers will jail any federal employee who tries to infringe on any Alaskan’s Second Amendment rights and charge said federal employee with a felony. I’ve already written to half of our legislators asking them to support the bill and also asking if this state protection will extend to the convicted felons among us. Alaska state law allows former felons to carry non-concealable guns (rifles) in certain circumstances — for hunting and going into the woods, mainly. I personally don’t believe we are constitutionally authorized to restrict them even that much, but that’s a different argument. We also allow former felons to vote and get any employment license they qualify for, unlike some other states. The federal law says a former felon who carries a rifle commits a felony with a minimum five-year term. Alaska has a lot of convicted felons, in part because marijuana is legal here, but the feds don’t agree. A former felon in the Kenai was convicted and sentenced to federal prison late last year. I want our state government to stand up and enforce our existing law. So far, only our local representative has replied that she is in favor of doing just that. The others haven’t replied yet, but it’s only been a few days.

    To me, nullification efforts like that are far more patriotic and likely to net results than risking federal prison for refusing to pay taxes. Most of us don’t control our taxes because we don’t own businesses, but we do have access to our state legislators and they have the power to start to force federalization. We also need to start lobbying our congresspeople to begin dismantling the administrative state. They already have the power … they simply need to dust off the law they’ve been ignoring for 50 years and get started reviewing regulations and insisting agencies justify them or discontinue them.

    There are a whole lot of alternatives that make more sense than shooting … for now.

    • Aurora,

      See, I don’t worry about people like you: you’ve though this all through and understand the issues and the solutions. In fact, I’d prefer to stand alongside people such as yourself. I wish we had more of you 🙂

      • Alaskans have been talking about seceding from the Union since 1978. Of course many of us have thought through the consequences and our personal commitment to the cause. And those of us who are honest recognize that we are no different than the apostles who followed Jesus, promising that they would die with Him and then running away to hide or denying they even knew Him when push came to shove. Nobody knows what they’re really willing to do until they’re asked to meet on Lexington Green.

        Personally, giving up my own life wouldn’t be that hard, but I’m protective of the lives of the people I love. Would I want my son or my daughter to be one of those lying on the ground? You see, I have thought it through.

        • Aurora,

          Not only do I see you have thought it through, but speaking as someone who has stood on Lexington Green, I believe I would be more than happy to trust you to watch my back should I ever have to trod those blood-soaked grounds again.

          Semper Fi

    • Aurora,
      Go to your employer and fill out a new W4 claiming Married 100 dependents. Hold your own money and file your tax return as you see fit. I’m self employed and not making quarterly payments anymore. I’m holding on to as much as I can during the year and when I file I’ll decide what to pay. If times get bad I’ll keep what I need to make ends meet first before I send it to the leaches. I may have to pay an underpayment penalty but its worth it to know we have the money and they don’t.

      • Be careful the Underpayment penalty can be High … fro experience.

        I’m NOT saying don’t do it … but just be prepared and put that amonut away yout Tax Person should be able to calculate it . It is about 2 % for a late Monthly Payroll Payment for instance.

      • You’re risking more than the underpayment penalty. My sister-in-law is a tax accountant and she says it’s potentially five years in federal prison for tax evasion for each count of tax fraud, which is the charge for willful tax evasion. Filling out the W4 claiming 100 dependents is one count, not filing the quarterly payments is each a single count, not paying the full amount at he end of the year is another count. Right there, you’re potentially up to 25 years in federal prison.

        I’m not saying not to do it, but you do need to count the cost.

  3. there is no god, there is no proof. leave this fantasy and just accept; that when you die, you rot. I am shocked all all this treason in the right-wing. you guys lost the election, accept it.

    • NO GOD? No proof? So you don’t understand logic, mathematics or science, huh? Then tell me, if you do not understand ANY of those fields — all of which provide evidence of a Creator — then how do you purport to be qualified to make such a definitive statement as “There’s no God?”

      Here are a few questions you need to answer before you can make your statement and NOT be laughed at by those who actually do understand this issue:

      1 — It is a fixed, physical law of this universe that all things must have a cause. But science tells us that this universe started from a singularity, which means — by definition– that there could not have been a “cause” for the Big Bang. So, how did the universe come to be if there is no Creator?

      2 — By definition, a singularity is an imaginary point, not an “infinitely small point in space.” It exists only as a mathematical concept. So, by definition, this means the universe literally came from nothing. That — again, by definition — would be “supernatural” in terms of the fixed laws governing this universe. So, how does something come from nothing unless there is a Creator?

      3 — Science tells us that this universe is so finally tuned to permit human life that the odds of it “just happening” are in the area of 1 times 10 tot he 700th power! But the statistical chance of zero is only 1 in 10 to the 50th power. That means there is ZERO chance this universe “just happened” to be as it is. How do you explain this without a Creator?

      4 — The simplest cell is an irreducibly complex thing. That means, in order to defend the notion that life “spontaneously generated,” you have to defend your ability to dump a bunch of silicone and various other metals in a pool, add heat and stir it with a stick and produce a working laptop with its own self-contained, self-sustaining power source AND operating system. And even then, the laptop would be much simpler than the simplest cell. So how do you explain life without a Creator?

      If you do not have definitive answers to ALL of those questions, AND you are rational, then your only logical conclusion is that this universe has an intelligent Creator.

      • Are you implying a rock has a cause, a rock is a rock it just exists. Also the universe has been around forever and billions and maybe trillions of years, there was no life. so for there to be life for a brief period in the history of the universe, does not mean the universe is “finely tuned.” there are problably millions of earth-like planets that can’t support, i’d believe the universe was finely tuned, if all the planets in the universe had life. but so far only one does. so one out of billions, does not equal “finely tuned.” Also an argument for a creator(s) isn’t an argument for a christian creator, I could run with your argument and say it was the Ancient Egyptian gods who created the universe.

    • Karl,

      You know that emotional feeling you get when something good or bad happens. Where did you get that from. Primordial slop or a loving God that created you as a spirit being with a soul. We will all pray for you. When you die you are correct your human body will return to dust but you spirit is a permanent creation of God. Use your free will and chose carefully.

      • @Chhelo
        are heroin and hormone injections also god? If there is a soul and it remembers life experiances, what about people with dementia, is there memory loss caused by bits if their soul flying away, how do you explain lobotomies? A lobotomy is a physical action, that robs people of what most would call a soul.

        • Karl
          Using mind altering drugs to mask your sufferings or bring enjoyment is called sin. It would be better to ask God for help and help others in need for your happiness rather than a chemical induced stupor. As for dementia, lobotomies, etc. If God created the heavens and earth and holds it all together by his power he is fully capable of dealing with all the spirit beings he created in a just way. The soul remains part of the spirit in eternity. Hope to see you in Heaven.

    • At Karl,

      Losing a Predidential election does NOT MEAN we (the Country) then loose our RIGHTS…. accept it.

      No Proof of God … How do you know ?….. But even for your reductionist psuedo-Scientific appeal to authority….How do you explain Anisotropy in the Cosmologic Backround Radiation ? …….Newtonian Mechanics was the Proof and answer to the Universe, until it wasn’t…..then Clasiical Quantum Mechanics was the answer, until IT wasn’t…..Do YOU have proof that Protons Decay or not ?…..and if they eventually do, then Why is there an unbalance in Antimatter / Matter, which seems to lend itself to a gradient (not unlike chemical gradients) which gives directional action to Matter-energy interactions ( except when they don’t in QED where some equations are Time INDEPENDENT )……the Onion of discovery lies before us,,,with “Proof” of Physical mechanics falling away as each layer is disgarded in favor of the new.

      And mathematically…..Godel shows ( by Philosophical extension ) you cannot proove within your system that outside of it, nor can you even demonstrate your systems internal consistency……….So you cannot “PROOVE” there is no God by any Reductionist System.

      We DO have free will …. And THAT is what Communists are trying to extinguish…….Free will = Liberty = Freedom !!

      • Don,

        Excellent! But you should stress that, while we can’t “prove” that which is outside our system, we can make deductions based on observation that strongly infer certain things outside our system. In this case, that it must have had an intelligent Creator.

        Next, you should expound on the beauty of free will. You see, if we have free will, then there MUST be some aspect of humanity that exists outside our system. If we were just a product of our system, and no part of us was outside of and above it, then we could not purposely manipulate it: we would be confined to operate according to ITS dictates — like the planets are confined by gravity and animals by instinct. But we are NOT confined, which is another strong indicator that there is something about us that exists outside of and above the 4 dimensions of this universe 😉

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