Titan (Goodyear) CEO Maurice Taylor Says To The French…

…”you can keep your cheese eating, lazy, arrogant, poor personal hygiene practicing, unproductive socialistic surrender monkey, so called “workers”. We’ll go somewhere else to make our tires!”

Well, that’s what he meant:

Titan International’s Maurice Taylor, nicknamed “The Grizz” for his negotiating style, told the left-wing French industry minister in a letter published by media on Wednesday that he had no interest in rescuing a plant set for closure.

“The French workforce gets paid high wages but works only three hours. They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three and work for three,” Taylor wrote on February 8 in the letter in English to the minister, Arnaud Montebourg.

“I told this to the French union workers to their faces. They told me that’s the French way!” Taylor added in the letter, which was posted by businessdaily Les Echos on its website and which the ministry confirmed was genuine.

“Titan is going to buy a Chinese tire company or an Indian one, pay less than one Euro per hour wage and ship all the tires France needs,” he said. “You can keep the so-called workers.”

About 20 years ago, I was part of a team that consolidated three factories into one (from two in the UK and one in France). The French facility was the largest in physical size and total employees and the worst of the three in productivity by double digit margins. We were legally mandated to pay the entire workforce for three years, for one as the plant was closed and then two years after the plant was closed – even if they got another job during that time – because we were advised that the legal costs to let the workers go earlier than that would cost almost twice what the payroll costs would be.

I can also relate a personal story about a Chinese firm in Nanjing, CSR/Nanjing Rolling Stock Works, that I was investigating for a joint venture…they had 7800 employees, over 10,000 living in state supplied housing, and they generated just 26 million dollars in annual revenue…American companies with less than 100 employees do that every year.

Jobs in a Marxist economy are just the means that the government sovereigns use to facilitate wealth transfer. Productivity, incentives and innovation do not matter because everybody gets paid the same regardless of their effort.

Remember that one goal of Marxists is full employment – everybody has a job regardless of productivity or necessity.

Think about that when you hear Obama say that he will not rest until everybody has a job.

16 thoughts on “Titan (Goodyear) CEO Maurice Taylor Says To The French…

  1. Maurice is my kind of guy. I remember the Parisian waiters, their tip is built into the check so their is no need for them to make your experience at a restaurant enjoyable. So they don’t. Especially if you are American. It was the most pathetic service I’ve ever seen in any business. Such great food, served by surly, inept, rude jerks. That 3 weeks in France was the longest vacation of my life and not in a good way.

  2. this would be a wonderful opportunity for the worker’s to seize the factory, and produce tires based on need, rather than profit-seeking. if a tire worker only needs to work 3 hours a day to make the tires france needs, than there is nothing wrong with working 3 hours a day. What is with this american addiction to working yourselves to death for capitalist masters, there is nothing wrong with producing what is needed, getting payed what you need, and taking the rest of the day off.

    • So that means that the worker would only be paid for the three hours that they actually work? Somehow, I don’t think that is what you mean.

      Your plan has worked so well in the old Soviet Union that it doesn’t exist any longer.

    • Karl,

      We like productivity and working hard. In fact we are ramping up our productivity on guns and ammunition just in case we need them to keep socialist progressive tyrants from turning us all into 3 hour workers in a crap hole like France.

    • Countries and businesses do not start or rise to the top by working 3 hrs a day and then taking the afternoon off. Americans are not addicted to anything, we simply enjoy being first, being best and being able to a-s-p-i-r-e to even more.

    • When you get your obama-care, I do hope your doctor ascribes to your philosophy…
      then, we at the Rio Norte line, won’t have to put up with you much longer!

  3. @kellsbellsfrompc,
    workers cannot exploit themselves. how is such a thing possible?
    socialist like productivity even more, more productivity means less hours of work. yay! Americans are very productive, hard working people, it is such a shame that all the value of the work goes to the capitalist masters.

    • Actually, he was just making a sound business decision based on the desires of his shareholders. The purpose of a business is not to provide employment, it is to make a profit so that it can keep employing people.

      Since you seem to know what the right profit number is, would you please enlighten us as to what you think is appropriate?

      Or are you just another troll?

  4. I had to laugh at Karl’s idea of the workers seizing the plant to make tires. If they’re so lazy they only work three hours a day, they’re too lazy to go to the bother of taking over the plant.

    Eff you, all you lazy venomous, covetous socialist bastards.

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