Left Admits They want to Tax You to Pay for the Death Panels Necessary to Kill You so They can Pay for Obamacare


I want you to watch this video clip, and pay close attention to what Paul Krugman says starting around the 1 minute mark:

So, not only are death panels going to be necessary, but we will need a national sales tax to pay for it.

Now, hear me and hear me well.  THIS IS THE SAME THINKING THAT LED TO THE HOLOCAUST!  It is the same thinking that led THESE SAME PEOPLE to murder more than 120 MILLION people – individuals – in the 20th Century.  And, just like those 20th Century mass murderers, Krugman is proposing we murder millions of Americans for their own good.   He is also willing to tax the remaining Americans into poverty to pay for the government programs that will eventually kill them.  Make no mistake; there is no difference between this man and Hitler, Stalin, Mao…  And understand this, too: OBAMA THINKS THIS MAN IS BRILLIANT – and Barry said so, himself:

Here’s what President Obama said about Paul Krugman today in his much-publicized interview with Rolling Stone:

Do you read Paul Krugman? 

I read all of the 
New York Times columnists. Krugman’s obviously one of the smartest economic reporters out there, but I also read some of the conservative columnists, just to get a sense of where those arguments are going.

Full article here.

After you accept that the people running our government think exactly the same way as Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and Obama, then you need to understand that everything happening in the world today is connected to their plans to destroy this nation as it was founded.  Paul Krugman is a prime example.  Read his bio, and pay attention to the Progressive-founded and dominate organizations to which he’s connected.  These people believe the world must be united under a central government, and that this central government must force a “sustainable population” of 2 billion people.  All of what they are doing is intended to drive us in that direction.  You need to understand this, accept it, and then make your choice: will you decide to stand in their way, or just wait to be pushed over the edge?

I want to make something else perfectly clear to you:

If you support the Democrat Party or the Liberal/Progressive agenda, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THIS MAN, or those who came before him!

You see, these people are starting to admit that everything I have told you about how they think is accurate and correct (something Beck told us they would do as soon as they think they can no longer be stopped).  Krugman is telling you that we will have to have Medicare/Medicaid making our personal healthcare decisions for us – based on THEIR estimate of FISCAL considerations.  Isn’t that the same argument they are using now to push for national healthcare: that lack of money shouldn’t be a consideration in whether or not you get treated?  So this is also an open admission that this is not about healthcare, but control.  They want to tax you so you can fund your own “liquidation.”

This leads me to a conclusion that I have been struggling with for a long time.  If they succeed in taking our guns, we’re lost.  All that will remain for those of us who will not comply is to wait our turn to get on the train.  Whether we are the right people to successfully defend our liberty or not, we have to be prepared to try.  The liberty of man on earth for the rest of time hinges upon whether or not we do succeed.  So, for me, there is no more indecision.  We are on the precipice of having to repeat history.  Are you ready?


5 thoughts on “Left Admits They want to Tax You to Pay for the Death Panels Necessary to Kill You so They can Pay for Obamacare

  1. Joe,

    I read your Ameritanic article when you originally posted and went back and read it again.

    Option A: If we did divide we would face the same problem over time unless we are separated by an ocean or the tallest electrified, mined, machine gun protected wall the world has ever seen. It would be like the 11th Wonder of the World. No sooner than we divide and Side Progressive takes over the illegal aliens would be trying to get back into Side Capitalist so they could survive. After the first year in Side P there would be no jobs, food, fuel or freedom.

    Option B: Avoid violence and leave. For example, we let all the people in Mexico and Latin America move to the US for freebies and we all move to Mexico and Latin America and take over there. The region has enough resources and agricultural production capability to support a truly Capitalistic citizenry. We just take over and implement the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with a few additional safeguards the founding fathers missed. Again once we were up and running here they come running back across the border.

    Option C: Stay and fight. Win or loose it is settled for another few hundred years until people fall away again.

    OptionD: The Lord is going to win this battle. All we have to do is trust in him and protect our families, friends and those in need until we are no longer needed on the Earth. Even this may entail limited warfare and violence but we know who’s side we are fighting on. I’ll take Psalm 46. We can’t do it in our own power.

    • Chhelo,

      If we secede and re-instate the Constitution — modified to reflect what we have learned — then we might be able to reasonably expect another 200+ years before what you describe comes to pass again. HOWEVER, if we defend our borders, it is as likely that the nation left to try socialism would realize the error of its ways and purge itself, then seek a reuniting — exactly as Jefferson said it would — should we ever reach this point. 😉

      That said, I am convinced that option D is the only way. But that leaves me with this question for you: Do you understand what that means for us concerning where we must be on the prophecy timeline, and what that position means for mankind? If so, then you understand that I am celebrating, but that I still have dread and remorse in my heart 😦

  2. Joe,

    100% agreed. We have no guaranteed timeline. As a 62 year old parent and grand parent its not about me. Its about whether my children and grand children will live free or as slaves. The last thing I want to see is violence and a lot of innocent people that are less dependent on The Lord caught up in all of this fight between good and evil. There are vast numbers of people that do their best to live and are just too indoctrinated into a life style they had little control of. Because we have been more fortunate it is our responsibility to bring some light to the less fortunate. Case in point the Rio Norte Line. Just reading the topics discussed on this blog may turn those that favor what the progressive snake oil salesman are offering into freedom loving disciples. If you grew up in a home with no spiritual guidance, attended a public school where God was a forbidden topic and had college professors that exposed Marxism you have three strikes against you to start with. We just need to keep posting our thoughts on the RNL and let The Lord work. Maybe we can convert Karl!

    • Chhelo,

      I hear you. I also understand that you just assigned us an impossible task — unless it is God’s will — in which case there are no impossible tasks.

      BTW: while we were never given a set timeline, we were told we would know the season, and it sure feels like fall to me. :/

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