DHS FEMA Corps: Now Militant?

Posted without comment (I’ll let you study the image and decide for yourself) …


Image courtesy of (removed to cure McPherson’s yeast rash). LOL

Edit note: Since we’ve butt-hurt McPherson yet again … This was an article I remember from the NY Times. Hope this in any way clears up any misunderstandings from our waterlogged lefties. – Augs

30 thoughts on “DHS FEMA Corps: Now Militant?

  1. The “why” behind this is simple: the DHS would then become a military force equal to our real military, but without the constitutional constraints. What’s more, it answers only to Obama.

    In other words, Obama wants his own brown/blackshirts.

    Well, looks like he’s got them and they’re blackshirts.

  2. The uniforms look the same as the federal police in Mexico. Do we know the source of the photo. Also, the weapons they are holding are not US made. Look like FAL’s. Augger did you get the picture off the DHS or FEMA Website?

    • It’s actually from an old New York Times news article. I do enjoy posting rhetoric from flippant liberal news sources. Should have stated that I suppose, but I was trying not to ‘bias’ the readers, and simply let you decide.

      • “It’s actually from an old New York Times news article.

        And yet you wrote, “Image courtesy of DHS.gov and FEMA Corps,” while suggesting that the photo was related to FEMA–the same sort of goofy, dishonest behavior that got Dusty booted. And which makes the RNL such a great source of conservative humor.

        • Straight from the caption under the photo as I remember it James.

          Get over yourself … you are beginning to sound like a redneck conspiracy theorist. 🙂

          Actually, I might like your fat ass better if you were. You would make more sense to me than that proto-marxist horse manure you propagate with that tingle you get down your leg and all.

  3. According to FactCheck.org, this photo came from the NY Times in 2009.

    “And the photo comes not from DHS — as the email claims — but from a 2009 New York Times article. The story is about a law enforcement education program that is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and has nothing to do with FEMA Corps.”

    “It contains a photo of young persons dressed in blue uniforms and holding air-soft guns, replicas that fire plastic pellets and are identifiable by their federally required orange tips. That’s the first sign this is no “standing army.”

    Its a good article. You decide.


    • Thanks Dusty! I wasn’t able to find the old article from their news story. I was hoping to quote some silly liberal garbage from it tonight after you folks had mused over the photo, but McPherson has done is liberal thing and diverted the topic to ad hominem B.S.

      But I have to admit … its entirely fun to toss the (censored) right back at him. 🙂

  4. Wow was I wrong. At least they are in training to help for the time being. Hopefully, the Boy Scout Pledge is something they will remember when the get real government jobs.

    • You see….CHHELO’s last reponse….saying he was wrong…..is an example of the Great Divide between The Progressive Liberal LEFT and the Conservative Constitutional Right.

      The Left will NEVER admit to being wrong about anything, anytime…… Whereas we Conservatives are interested Truth and behaving morally and with equanimity……and we Practice it !

      • Of course it was Augger, not Chhelo, who wrote the post and included the photo. We’ll see if he admits he screwed up.

        By the way, isn’t regurgitating conspiracy email fables what got Dusty’s posting privileges taken away? Of course that was by Utah, who tended to care about the quality of what went up here. And I actually appreciate having Augger represent conservatives and the RNL in this fashion.

        • And you are a cough-cough “Professor” ….. of what exactly one wonders….

          CHHELO was refering to his comment about Uniforms and the Mexican Federal Police. But True to form you misreprent my and Chhelo’s post to inject your own agenda,and disregard Florida and Chhelo’s pursuit of elucidating the story.

          Since you Claim to be a Prof and a “pastor” ….. show us an example of Leftist Truth uncovering one of the Leftist misrepresentations….and proclaiming it publically.

          • Nice effort to deflect attention from Augger’s cluelessness, DonA, and his failure to admit fault. And I assume you’ll admit yours, now that you’ve falsely stated that I claim to be a pastor.

            • You stated it to me in a prior flurry of posts …. I don’t make false statements…I have no investment in it.

              The Topic of my comment was directly related to Chhelo’s comments … your comment was a non-sequitor and unrelated to my Comment ../…as I said you injected your agenda .

              So as a Prof perhaps I need to RE-School you that the proper place for your Liberal Comment was to Direct it to the Subject of your statement…..and not to the Person or Topic to which I refered.

              But all that aside …… Professor….Ia sked what exactly it is you Profess and I asked for an example of Liberal Largesse and honesty wrt admitting publically an Error in their thinking … or Reportage. One waits.

              • “You stated it to me in a prior flurry of posts”

                I assumed you were mistaken before, but now I’m forced to assume that you’re simply lying. I’ve never claimed to be a pastor; such a claim would make no sense at all, and you obviously cannot demonstrate otherwise.

                And if you really cared about what I teach, it would be simple to check my blog–where you could also see several examples of me pointing out lies and errors by other liberals (one example: http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/no-horsing-around-obama-kicking-romneys-rear-chicago-style/), and see that I have also admitted error on my own part (as I did elsewhere on this very site just within the past couple of days, in response to a comment by none other than Augger).

                If you want to call out someone’s errors, it seems you’re ignoring the obvious biggie by Augger above. But since you’ve managed to thoroughly demonstrate your own degree of honesty, I suppose we should expect nothing else.

                • Way to jump the gun while I was away McPhatty. Scroll up for the actual rationale. I see your clairvoyance radar needs a bit of maintenance. 🙂

              • Well, I see McPherson is off his meds, and back to the RNL. The only posts that McPherson appreciates are the ones which contain the word “liar” no less than 63 times.

                Welcome back Professor McPhatty. My how I have missed your measure of the liberal stupidity. But I do have to wonder … is this the one week out of the year that your family allows you to take posession of the one single brain cell you all share over there?

            • Good God Sir James … just look in the camera and simply Tell folks your academic laurels.
              And, As hard as this might be for you to believe I don’t either Follow your every Breath and Comment on this site nor trot after everyone’s blogsite.

              But I give you acknowledgement for addressing my request and ackowledge your admission of thinking and reportage error.

              However…..You still haven’t owned up to the fact that my comment was very selective but nonetheless Clear as to the Subjects to which I referred; and that your comment was misplaced and off subject to my original comment. Nor have you acknowledged the content of my comment….which was Chhelo and Florida’s efforts and admission.

              In short THEY and their efforts were (and are) the subject and focus of my Comment. Augger was not.
              Augger was ( and is ) the subject of your interest. And they were not……But you injected your agenda in my comment…instead of directing it to HIS comments.

              Clear Nuff fer yah….Prof ??

  5. James,

    The point being. There is a great divide developing in the USA. One side has it values based on a Creator and a Constitution that based the liberties guaranteed in it on God given rights. What wise men. The other side favors himself as god and wants the enlightened few to rule over the rest in place of a Creator. For thousands of years man has lived under the later being ruled by Kings, Dictators and Tyrants. Very few of these have ever brought anything but misery, death and destruction to humanity.

    Fortunately, God stepped in and used our founding fathers to creat a system of government that provided more freedom and liberty for the individual than had ever experienced in the history of man. If you can contradict this statement and or raise Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean then you have no other option than to agree. The USA has been the light in a dark world. Fought wars to free other nations, invented thousands of medicines to treat and cure disease, sent financial assistance and supplies any time and any where disasters occur, invented technologies that have revolutionized the world and taken man to the moon and beyond, raised enough food to feed the hungry of the world and not used it as a weapon.

    How anyone can have the audacity to claim any other form of government in the history of the world is superior to ours is blinded by self pride, lust for power, ignorance of history or just plain evil. Now you know why we are concerned. If you think we are going to stand by and become slaves to a human master those times are past. We can remain Godly people and still resist. When mans law insist we sin against God our response is NO! Better to be thrown into the furnace like Meshach, Shadrach and Abendego than enter throu the gates of Hell.

    In summary, there may be times when something gets posted that is in error but it is highly likely it is a reality in the making. There is no doubt the forces of darkness are very busy and their intent is the destruction of the USA in favor of the New World Order ruled by another Tyrant. Currently, Barrack Obama, is the leader of this effort on behalf of the one who will rule all for a short period of time. Hopefully, anyone reading this will not be hear on earth to see it.

    • Chhelo — Thank you. But I would be remiss if I did not warn you that everything you wrote will fall on deaf ears with McPherson. He has no usefulness beyond his demagoguery of anyone who does not share his ideology here. You see, in his heart, James believes that rights are subject to his perception our needs … just like all of the other contemporary liberals/socialist/marxists/or whatever other title they decide to affix to themselves.

      Once you know the what of which you are dealing with, you settle in to jumping to the depths of his level, and just laugh at the zany demagoguery of your own that you can come up with.

      It makes for a good humored break … for a while. Then he gets back on his meds, stops trolling, and crawls back under the rock from where he came.

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