The Challenge


When Mr. Kells came home, I told him of the silly argument I am having with B. Basically, the argument is that I would prefer America the Beautiful as the National Anthem as opposed to The Star Spangled Banner. So who does Mr. Kells side with? B.!!!!!! What a load of bull crap!! Went down something like this:

Kells: Look, my point is that the song (National Anthem) is lyrically and vocally difficult.

Mr. Kells: Well then, Kelly, why don’t we have Mary Had a Little Lamb as our National anthem?

Kells: Don’t be a wiseacre! Listen to both renditions. (At which point I broke out into song and performed both numbers…..not Mary Had a Flippin Lil Lamb!)

Mr. Kells: But Kelly, that is your preference.

Kells: (Lost my temper) SING IT!!! (I was referring to the Star Spangled Banner, and just between you, me and the lamppost; his rendition was akin to the singers at the ballpark. It’s a difficult song!!! TRUST!!)

Pieface: But mom, it talks about raising the flag in the Revolutionary War, like they did in Iwo Jima and 9/11. (He was close, but it was the War of 1812…………..pesky British!)

UGGHHH! Teenagers!!

Look, the lyrics are antiquated, which I have absolutely no problem with; however, I think I shall challenge people to prove my point (because I’m right.)

The challenge shall be if you can get anyone to sing and explain the lyrics of the National Anthem. The challenge shall also include my preference .…… oh, and it’s not Mary Had a Little Lamb!! I am referring to America the Beautiful. Who knows? Perhaps I shall be singin a different tune if I’m wrong. (Yeah, right.)

Who can sing the National Anthem and who can sing America the Beautiful? (No cheating by having 13-year-olds pipe in with their opinion!! We have labor laws in this country, after all.)

30 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. It’s a losing situation Kells … those of us who can’t sing …can’t sing Either song.

    Hat-Tip to Mr Kells for a sound judgement though !!

  2. What about a compromise? America the Beautiful gets sung at football games and what not (unofficial events), and The Star Spangled Banner gets played (music only, no singing) at official events, since it is so hard to sing correctly.

  3. I agree with Don, I’m practically tone deaf and that’s after years of grueling piano lessons as a child. Singing is not an option.

    • Why can’t I reply on your site?

      Oh, and if you noticed, I said I had no problem with things that are antiquated. There’s a reason aged cheeses and wines are highly prized if ya know what I mean and I think that ya do. 😉

  4. OH!

    Look, the lyrics are antiquated,

    And so is the Constitution. Are you ready to replace that with something simpler now — like dictator Obama?

    I told you you were being Progressive (I LOVE it when I whip your ass seven way to Sunday 😀 )

  5. Everyone can sing? Oh, nonononono. I sing, but only alone in the car where I can frighten spiders in the back seat.

    Can everyone add columns of numbers in their head?

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