Another Example of Obama’s Lawless Subversion and Tyranny

This is unconstitutional and illegal as there is absolutely no due process here.  Before a citizen has such basic rights taken away, it requires a jury’s verdict, not some bureaucrats politically/ideologically motivated decision:

SHOCK REPORT — Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms


In other news, the Republicans STILL have not filed articles of impeachment.  And you think you and I have a chance to save our individual rights and liberties???

12 thoughts on “Another Example of Obama’s Lawless Subversion and Tyranny

  1. Joe,

    There’re may be a hidden objective in this warning. If you suffer from PTSD, and ask for help, any chance of gun ownership is gone as you wind up the NICS List. Maybe you should just suffer, hide the issue and not be restricted. Then we the government, that sent you to fight in 2 really needless wars, won’t have to spend the money to treat you. After all, if you do go on to commit an act of gun violence, we can use it to our advantage to ban guns. We all know they have no sympathy or sorrow for anyone murdered to achieve their Utopia. All in a good days work.

  2. No one is competent to buy or own a weapon other than those in the employee of the anointed ones. Even those that carry out the orders of the anointed are soon disarmed when no longer needed and sent to camps to live or buried in unmarked graves by the 1,000’s. How ignorant the useful idiots are. If only the people that make the back drop for every Obama Teleprompter Session realized how dumb they look. Being around Obama causes facial browning around ones nose and to date there is no known antidote. In severe cases it tends to settle in the lower body as “Dumb Arse Disease”. Cost for treatment of these two conditions is NOT covered by Obama Care so be very careful whom you associate with as they are both highly contagious due to man made global warming.

  3. Of all the many awful things Obama and Company have done, the reprehensible way he treats our military makes me the angriest. It’s like the worst guy in the country disrespecting the best. Makes me see red!

  4. The litmus test of any government is in how it protects the rights of ALL of it’s citizens, and not just a select group of it’s citizens.

    This administration fails that test.

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