Utah Unemployment Update: I’m Doing It Wrong

Well – it appears that I can’t even do unemployment right.

I never got a chance to apply for all those sweet, sweet Obamafits that you can get now…I was really looking forward to my new Obamaphone and all that free healthcare.

I have a new job 6 weeks before I leave this one. When I leave Oceaneering at the end of March, I will be joining the international consulting firm,  The Highland Group.

I’ve very lucky to be joining this prestigious group to help them build their oil and gas practice – no newly minted MBA’s here, only business executives with a minimum of 15 years of experience in their fields – many are former COO’s, CFO’s, Presidents and CEO’s. The Highland Group has offices in North and South America, London and South Africa…

32 thoughts on “Utah Unemployment Update: I’m Doing It Wrong

  1. You are to be a consultant, then? Are you moving? Inquiring minds want to know! I wanna know! Personally, I think you should’ve taken up Rick Perry’s offer as Head Scout for the Ladies’ Hobo Hunt. (Ring-a-ding-ding! There’s a reason he wants gun businesses to move to Texas…………..it’s all for the girls.)

    I suppose if you would’ve moved to CA, you could’ve taken advantage of your unemployment status:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a780LGWG7to

    • Staying in Houston – or The Woodlands, more accurately.

      I’ll be working mostly out of my home office and if need be, the Dallas office – most of the work will be done at the client’s location anyway. I’ll be travelling a bit.

      • I love Houston, but I’ve only been there once. I was very lucky as I got to see Aida with Domingo and Freni, and then I got to dine with them!!! (Intimidating to say the least.) Also, while I was there I was able to meet Peter Sellars as he was rehearsing the opera, Nixon in China.

        All the people that I’ve met from Texas are most agreeable……..especially Rick.

  2. Utah,
    Wonderful news and it does this old recruiters heart good to see someone aggressively interested in their career. Kudos, Congrats, let’s pop the champagne!

    There’s just one problem……you are in Texas….and I’m not.

  3. Congrats Utah. So now I suppose we’ll enjoy the fruit of your writing again much sooner than expected. (and that’s a good thing).

    But about the entitlements …. you silly goose. Work is for wussies. Real men get on the government dole, get 27″ rims and a grille … a bowling ball paint job with the superman logo on it, and has 6 Obama phone chargers lying in the front seat.

  4. I am involved with a local “libertarian” group. Per the administrator’s rule, everyone is welcome except neo-cons and trolls. I have already invited Greg Cobb, but not given him a hard sell. If anyone is interested in what we are doing, and hope to do, please let me know.

      • No not at all. Steve Sheridan is the only person that has actually stalked me. 🙂

        We are a closed Facebook group, and you will have to be my friend on FB to be able to accept an invitation. Would that be okay?

        • I shall friend you….if I can remember how. I am currently getting my tail whipped by a bunch a fellas….but I like a good crackin. May I invite my son to friend you? He is a Libertarian.

          • By all means, invite your son. We have recently added a couple of young men. Once you become a member, invite whomever you like. After an invitation is extended, an admin will make a decision on whether or not to approve. There is no strict policy, they just like to know who is inviting whom. When I submit your invitation, I will post a note on the group’s page stating that I have extended the invitation, so they will have a head’s up. You can do the same for your son.

            I just confirmed you as a friend, so I will send your invitation now. Since it is a little late, it may be tomorrow before you get an acknowledgement.

  5. Thanks again everybody…I had planned to finish out my career in consulting – after I accumulated enough higher profile experience to be credible. I figured that I needed about 5 more years in the corporate world before I would reach this position but this opportunity came about unexpectedly – actually through a connection with my good friend and [soon to be former] boss at Oceaneering – and it is a good fit at a perfect time.

    I wanted a career change to something that was not location or company specific so I could live where I want and that I can even continue to work as little or as much as I want after I reach retirement age in another decade or so…this new role seems to provide that degree of freedom.

    I need to get focused on getting off to a good start – I’ll be working on a project for a major client this week – and I still have a month’s worth of work to do for Oceaneering, so it is going to be a busy March. I’m thinking that I might be back to some sort of regular posting in 3 or 4 months or so…we will have to see how things go…

  6. Good luck and congratulations Boss, ( and I mean that as in Ex-Boss ). You will be missed, your present employer is losing a great team member. You made a difference at this posting; you brought about a culture of success.

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